Monday, October 12, 2009


Yes....this is another FOOTBALL post!!! LOL!

But do you see this.....

This is Reid with his fellow linebackers and linebacker coach.

Before every game Coach Ratcliff stops and prays with them.


Let me go back in time for a bit......

We moved to our town 2 years ago when Reid was starting high school. We moved here knowing a few of the coaches already and we adored them. They were not only Reid's coaches but they were our family friends. Reid also as the ONLY Sophomore on Varsity last year and our Defensive Coordinator and the linebacker coach, at the time, took Reid "under his wings". Reid thought the world of him and would even go to his house once a week to have dinner with his family. We adored them! In December of last year, our Head Football Coach was asked to resign and he did. Reid's linebacker coached also decided to leave. He is now the Defensive Coordinator at another school. We were so sad! I was sad that Reid's friend and mentor was leaving. I was not sure if Reid would ever feel that way about another coach. Even though Coach Miller is not at our school anymore, he still calls Reid every Saturday to see how he played Friday Night. He lives and hour away now, but is still such a huge influence in Reid's life. I so appreciate that! We were devastated to see our friends and coaches leave. The one thing I want the most for Reid is not WINNING but to be surrounded by men that truely care about him. I was so afraid that the new coaches would not be that way.


Back to this photo.....

I worried for nothing!!

I remember praying when we found out Reid's coaches were leaving, that whomever the new coaches were that they would be a true influence for Reid and woud care for him as much as Coach Miller did.

Coach Ratcliff is Reid's linebacker coach now....and we adore him just as much! What a blessing he has been to Reid. To have a coach that PRAYS with you and that has a strong faith in God. WOW! He also gave a speech to the student body during the Pep Rally that was AWESOME!! Reid is double blessed to have his old coach and current coach that cares much for him.

I can not brag enough about our new Head Coach and the staff he bought with him. They are AMAZING men and are teaching our boys such wonderful values and belief in themselves! He is changing the mentality of the community slowly but surely. You see "BELIEVE" all over our town....and I LOVE that!

I BELIEVE in our coaches!!!

What a BLESSING!!!!


  1. What a great post!! As a Coaches Wife - I know it is always wonderful when parents appreciate and value what good coaches do!! Especially when you are in a new town!! You should really email Coach Ratcliff and tell him personally too - I know in the season the Coaches really appreciate all the kind words. They work so many hours and a post like that would make everything so worth it and bring what coaching is really all about back to the front of their mind!! I know my husband got into it to help shape Men, and it is always wonderful to see other Coaches that are that way too!

  2. That is awesome!!! I love it when everything works out so amazingly! (because like you said, it doesn't always) How awesome that Reid has such great influences in his life! And I am including yourself, your husband and daughter in that!! You are a truly amazing family!!

  3. Love this post Amy! I'm adding your blog to my side bar right now! Why is it not on there yet? Not sure! :)