Monday, October 12, 2009

Blogging?? What's that??

First let me say this....have you read my title at the top of my page??

"It may be a crazy life...but it's our life".

Yep...that is ME!

So...I warned you in advance.

It was so nice this summer being off and being able to update my blog almost daily. started, football started, volleyball, cheerleading, etc. etc. and the crazy life we lead is back in full force.
I LOVE every moment of it, but have had no time to do what I love....decorate, do projects, scrap, and update my blog. But, that's will be here tomorrow. Right?

My favorite hobby of all is my kids activities.....and that is what I am doing right now.
So please forgive me when I do not update daily.....I am going to try and do better though....PROMISE!


Well, Friday Night our football team played the powerhouse program of Stephenville. They are always State ranked and always win our district. We have not beaten them in 12 years!! Grrrr........

I forgot again to take any pics of us. I also keep forgetting to take pics of the actual new stadium too. It is sooooo NICE! I promise to take pics next week of the stadium, and the beautiful 5th floor suite and the awesome locker room!

I did decide to go down before the game and take some pre game photos. I did not take alot of action shots this week......just watched the game too much and forgot to take pics!

I LOVE the game of football. I have loved football since I was a little girl. My husband, who is also a HUGE football fan, says that I know more football than alot of guys he knows! LOL! However, we did not let Reid play football until he was 12. My dad was a coach and he always told me to wait until he was I did. Plus, I was waiting until Reid asked to play himself. We never encouraged it. There are so many boys that are signed up at 5 years old to play tackle football. That seems insane to me! We always had the philosophy that we would not sign our kids up for anything unless they asked and showed interest on their own . Reid played soccer (one season, hated it), T-ball, Basketball, Baseball, Tae Kwon Do, and tumbling. Yes, when he was 5, he was in a boys tumbling class and loved it....for about 6 months anyways. I remember explaining to my husband that it was good for his coordination and balance for sports. Ha. He started playing Ice Hockey when the Dallas Stars opened their Stars Center and he played for 3 years before he started football. Reid asked to play football when he was about 10....but we held him off a few years and let him play and do other sports. When Reid finally started playing football, I remember calling my Dad over the first few weeks and telling him I was getting the feeling that Reid was not liking football. The first few weeks he just did not seem to excited. My dad and hubbie said give it some time and let him adjust to the heat and workout and let's see how he feels then. Well, they were right.....he LOVED it! There was no going back! He has lived and breathed football since. Yes.....he plays basketball in the off season, but football is his life and love. He studies game film constantly and his defensive coordintaor gave the defensive players a test and after grading Reid's, said he might as well let him coach the defense....he knew almost everything! He is so passsionate about the game....which makes me love it even more. (smile....)

Now.....onto the game. I am going to just go ahead and just tell you we LOST! (frown....)
But.....this boy.....

#22 Reid Rose
had a GREAT game!!
At the beginning of the game after we fumbled the ball at our own 20 yard line (ouch) and Stephenville recovered the ball and were passing in the end zone for what looked like a for sure touchdown, I saw one of our own intercept it in the endzone......WHOO HOO!! Well, I could not see through the craziness of players who it was until the announcer said "#22 Reid Rose with the interception for Joshua!". WHOO HOO......that's my boy! And, did I mention he also tackled a player, stripped the ball, and recovered the fumble to run the ball up the field for an almost touchdown! Whoo Hoo again! I can not tell you how many other times I heard " #22 Reid Rose with the tackle for Joshua". Just about every other call we heard hi name. He played his heart out....110% every single play to the very last even though we lost 49-14 (ouch!).
But that is Reid, and this is the story every game. He is so driven to win....he does his job every game, and does it well. However, we are 2-4 so far. After every game, he comes out sweaty, bleeding usually from something, battered, beaten and is fighting back tears and says "I hate losing". Breaks my heart!! We give him words of encouragement to stay positive, believe in yourself, your team and coaches, and keep being the leader that you are. But, he knows is who he is.

This is our team warming up before the game.....

Coach Ratcliff getting the linebackers ready!

Reid getting ready!!

Maddie hanging out with her friends

It was Pee Wee Football Night, so this is all the little Owls lining up outsside the locker room tunnel to high five the boys on the way out.

Our cheerleaders alwas handpint the best signs each week!

Coach Kendrick and the defense

We have a brand new coaching staff this year who have back to back State Championships under their belts and the boys are learning a whole new system. We are so excited to have them here!! They are all working so hard.....and I know we will come out and win the big games. It is hard to see them lose and be disappointed but I truely believe that they are the BEST coaches and we will WIN!!
Next week......Timberview!!! We beat them last year and we will beat them again this year!

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  1. Good Luck next week! Timberview is defiantly not as good this year as they were last year so if y'all beat them last year you should be set next week! Stephenville is a power house, one of our coaches wives is from Stephenville and she is always telling us stories! I am so glad at how you have raised Reid and how you instill confindence and trust in him. There are so many parents who blame the coaches, blame the team when the team looses. It is so nice to see a family you believes in the hard work of what every person is doing!!! Y'all are just a great family!!!