Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Breath You Take

Have you heard that song "The Breath You Take" by George Strait??
You must.....it is a tear jerker but so true. Which leads me to my sweet boy.
My first born child, my son, my Reid....is 17!

His birthday was yesterday October 12th, Columbus Day.

He was actually born on Columbus Day in 1992. It was a Monday Night at 9:59 pm.

He weighed in at 8lbs. 4oz. and was 19 1/2 in.

In my birthing suite, the TV was playing through my whole labor and delivery and what was on TV when Branten Reid Rose made his debut...Monday Night Football. The doctor and Daddy were actually watching and talking about the game while I was getting ready to push. It figures that years down the road, my sweet precious boy would be a football player! I remember after they took him away too the nursery for all the family to come down and see they all bragged about how he was on his tummy (back then, they wanted infants on their tummies) and he was laying there and lifting his head up high and looking around already! Some made the comment, jokingly, "You have yourself a future linebacker!". One day want to sit down and scan all of my favorite photos of him....during his baby and toddler years, there were no digital cameras. Ha! He was such an adorable little guy!
He has been a pure joy to raise. I thank God everyday for blessing me with him. He changed my life forever.

I am so sad that I only have a few more years with him before I have to send him off in the world. My time I have with him now is precious. Of coarse, it has always been since he was born. But, so many of us Moms take our time with our kids for granted. Not on purpose, of coarse. We stay so busy and sometimes forget to stop and enjoy every moment. This summer it occurred to me that I only have him for 2 more years. WOW! I have really been trying to take even the smallest moments and make them a memory for him.

It seems like yesterday he was playing with his 100's of dinosaurs, making me read "One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish" over and over, taking him to see his very first movie "The Lion King" (which is still my favorite), going to the zoo on Tuesdays, taking him to see the dinosaurs at the museum, and starting Montessori school when he was 3 and crying when I left him (his teacher had to comfort me). It passes so quickly......and I am really disstressed over it! He is 17...how can that be? I am so proud of him, and I can not even explain the joy it is, as a parent, to see your child turn into a remarkable young man.

My card to Reid:
From the beginning
you've been a blessing
an each year brings
more reasons to be proud
of who you are becoming.

God has good things
in store for you-
to grow in faith,
to make a difference,
and to experience
His never-ending love.

Look at this cute banner I found at Hobby Lobby. It is made of thick felt and can be re-used. It is about 12 feet long and was only $9.99.

Me and my sweet boy

Father and son

We went to dinner at Reid's favorite place....The Cheescake Factory

We took Meagan with us

Reid with his favorite meal.....a big Steak!

He was a little surprised.....tee hee

His favorite dessert....Cheesecake!

Brant and I shared their new Red Velvet Cheesecake.....YUM!

It was a great evening. But, Maddie was missing......the kids has the day out of school and she was invited to go to the movies with her friends. I said "No" at first and said she had to go....but gave in after much begging. My little pre-teen.....(sigh).

It was a great day and weekend with the family.

I spent Saturday running errands and doing laundry. And on Sunday my Mom, Maddie and I went to my cousin's daughter's baby shower. It was an hour and a half away....so it took up the whole day. We saw so many family members that I had not seen in a while....so it was so nice and my Mom REALLY enjoyed it. When we got home Sunday evening we came home to this.....

Well, actually they were playing football in the rain and mud when we pulled up to the house.....BOYS! After they cleaned up they took over the Family room and stayed up until 2am and had to be back up for Football practice at 7am (on their school holiday). That's boys for ya! They are all great kids!

My next emotional breakdown will be in December, when my baby girl becomes a teenager! Ha Ha!

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  1. I love your that birthday banner! I attempted to make one for my daughter's birthday... but I LOVE that you found yours made of felt!