Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Dreaming of FALL and BOOTS!!

It was starting to feel like Fall here in Texas for a few days....but now we are back to Spring weather. It will probably be FREEZING next week. That is what we deal with here! No wonder why my sinus and allergies are always confused??

FALL is my very FAV season....an I can not wait to pull out and sport all my boots. I can not have enough! Even though we only get use about 3 months a year here....WHAT? Just kidding....you can wear boots year round here....It's TEXAS YA'LL!

Of coarse every true Texas girl needs a traditional pair of these:

You can wear these in Summer with sundresses and skirts, and in Fall and Winter with jeans and leggings.

And I have a pair of these too! Every TEXAS girl needs a pair of cute Fat Baby boots! Love my red crocodile and cheetah boots! But the boots that I wear the most....are my BELOVED UGGS!!

I have to say.....mine are looking pretty dingy and worn out. I may have to break down and buy me a new pair this year.

Like these:

and these.....


So here are lots of new fall styles I am also eyeing. Some are super expensive, but I know the Frugalista in me can find them in a knock off version.
I have several heeled boots, so I am loving all the casual styles

And the new ankle shoe/boots are all the rage this season....Oprah called them SHOOTS! LOL!


Love these JUICY ankle boots.....$$$$

I am sooo ready for the FALL weather to get here to Texas and stay!!


  1. I love the traditional cowboy boots, I need some! I am actually boot shopping later today, looking for dark brown, swade wedge boots. Wish me luck!

  2. Im with you! Living in Louisiana you just never know what you are going to get weather wise...love the boots!