Thursday, October 22, 2009

Happy Fall Ya'll.......

Kelly is hosting "Show Us Your Fall Decorations" this week.


I LOVE FALL...and LOVE to decorate for Fall!

However, in Texas it sometimes feels like summer in October!

We have had a TON of rain this month in the DFW area!
And it has been cool for a few days and then hot and humid for a few days and then cool again!

Today it turned cool....let's hope it stays that way!

I LOVE fall foilage....and pumpkins.

This flag blew away in the storms we had last week......luckily one of my neighbors found it and returned it to me :)

I love the colors of Fall.....

I also did some new things with my mantle this year.

Found this cute "Give Thanks" sign at HobLob.

And these.....

glittery pumpkins....

My butlers pantry

My entry table.....

I always put out pics of the kids when they were younger on Halloween....

and notice how there is no candy "yet" in my basket. Well, there was but it has dwindled away.

I have never been one to decorate "scary".....or a lot of actual Halloween decorations. I do more fall stuff that can use through Thanksgiving.

I made this cute banner.....and it is hanging in the archway of our foyer.

It says Happy Halloween!

I hope you all have a HAPPY and BLESSED Fall!!


  1. I LOVE your foliage arrangements!

    Everything looks great, you have awesome taste. Your mantle is gorgeous.

  2. Great fall decorations! I prefer to decorate with non-Halloweeny decorations that can be used all the way through Thanksgiving. I'm just not in to the scary, though it seems the rest of our cul-de-sac is. I'm from Texas too, and I'm so glad it is finally starting to cool down! Happy Fall!

  3. Stopping by from Kelly's Korner...just wanted to tell you that your decor is soooo cute! =)

  4. I love your decorations! Everything is beautiful! My MIL & FIL live in Dallas. I love Dallas, it's so pretty there. And yall always have a little cooler weather than we do here in San Antonio. Every year we come see The Nutcracker with them around Thanksgiving. Last year the temp was 19 ... you'd NEVER find that happening here in SA. Thanks so much for sharing and enjoy the cool weather. I think (hoping) we're done with the 90+ temps for this year!

  5. Stopping by from Kelly's Korner. You have wonderful fall decorations!!!!!