Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I "heart" Hobby Lobby.....

Look at these pretty grapevine pumpkins I got at Hobby Lobby!

They were already prelit with lights. I added some fall floral picks to the top that I already had. I have been eyeing these pretty pumpkins all month! I don't know about you....but I go into Hobby Lobby at least once a week for no reason at all. Ha! It's not like I "need" anything or have time for projects. Right? I walk around for an hour to just "see" what they have that's new. I ALWAYS find something I have to have! I ONLY buy stuff that is on sale for 50% off and if it's not this week.....it will be next week! Gotta love that!

I am not sure if I want to put them on the front porch or keeep them here on the bar in my butler's pantry?? I may just have to move them around.

On another note.....I am creating my own craft/office area (just for ME!) at one of the built in desks in the guest hall nook. I am using black, white and green. I already had all of these chipboard letters and created this banner too. I LOVE these green and black storage boxes, which were my inspiraton, but they only had 2 and I can not seem to find any more! I am thinking of finding some coordinating paper and decoupaging the white ones or trimming them with ribbon. Hmmm?? What do you think?

This is a still a work in progress!

This is soooo random, but I have to throw in the pic I took of Reid napping on the couch with Zoe. I rarely get these moments to watch him sleep. Awww.....

My sweet boy!


  1. Love your little craft area!! HA HA, I am the same way with Hobby Lobby or Target, either one works for me!

  2. I would kill for a Hobby Lobby 'round these parts! Everytime someone makes a post about Hobby Lobby I just wanna go!

  3. Who does not love HobLob!! I have spied those pumpkins as well but keep leaving them behind thinking abt all the Christmas I will want to buy! Love your color scheme for the craft nook! It will look great.