Sunday, November 15, 2009

Football season onto Basketball! was another BUSY weekend for us! What's new?

Maddie finished up her first Volleyball season for middle school and started right into basketball. They have had about 1 week of practice, and had a tournament this weekend in Weatherford already. So, Friday I left school early to drive and hour to get to her first game at 4:30. They won!! So we rushed back to town to catch the first Girls Varsity Basketball Game at our high school. Reid' precious girlfriend Meagan plays, so we had to show up and cheer her on. We made it just in time! They played great and won, and Meagan had a great game! Maddie was inspired and said she was going to play like that in her game. Saturday morning we were up bright and early to spend the day at Maddie's tournament. The girls played AWESOME....they won every game by at least 20 points! They won the first 3 games and made it to the Championship game. Out of all the teams there from all over the place, we ended up playing Burleson, who happens to be a rival school in our middle school's district. The game started out very fast paced and aggressive, and was neck and neck. But, after half time our girls started really pulling away. They played AMAZING!! They won 42-17!! They dominated the whole tournament! WOW! They were so proud and excited! Way to go Lady Owls!

Here are the girls at lunch.....the folks at Whataburger were so nice and patient with all of us!

Well... am late at posting this, but last week was our last football game of the season. We knew going into this game we did not have a chance at the playoffs. We had several starters out injured, mostly seniors. We also had NO Quarterback, yes....NO Quarterback! Our first string Quarterback was injured and our back up Quarterback was...well, let's just say not part of the team anymore. Reid was asked to play Quarterback....after not playing Quarterback since his freshman year! Then, they realized that they really needed Reid solely at Linebacker. Thank Goodness! Talk about pressure. So, we had one of our seniors that plays Safety play Quarterback. He also had not played QB since his freshman year. The first quarter, we were scoreless and could not get a first down at all! It was looking dim at half time....21-0. But, something happened after halftime. Our boys played with HEART and did not give up! It is the best they played all season!! They fought their way back to 21-14 with just a few minutes left in the game. After we finally got the ball back with little time, we started our drive. We went for it on a 4th down at least 3 times and got the first down every time! It came down to one more play with 1 second....yes 1 second let on the clock!! We had to pass the ball over 30 yards to score....with 1 second left! OMG....I was standing at the top of the bleachers with my eyes closed and my hands in the air praying to God to please let these boys do this! The did it!!! They threw a 37 yard pass into the end zone and with 3 defenders on him, our Sophomore wide receiver jumped up and came down with the pass! AMAZING!!! The boys were all excited and praising each other. However.....we still had to kick the extra point to tie the game. We kicked and it was tipped....and barely missed. But, it missed.....and the score was 21-20. OVER! Our boys fell to the ground......disappointed. It was heartbreaking, but definitely a defining moment. A moment where they realized that they can do it. That they have the heart. That we all BELIEVE in them!
We have had a disappointing season. We had some seniors that should have been leaders and were not. We had selfish players. We had many injuries.
But....our returning players are ready! Ready to start rebuilding and working hard for next season. And, they have already started! Reid has decided to give up Varsity Basketball this season, so that he can work solely on Football this off season. He is committed!! He wants to put 30 pounds on, work on strength and agility, and get mentally prepared. He is ready! I am so looking forward to his senior year....I know he has great things in store for him! Yet....I am not ready to let him go. Time flies....and I wish I could stop it!
I am looking forward to next season. We have THE BEST Coaches !! We are so blessed to have them coach our boys!
Here are some pictures from the game:


Last night under the FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS in Texas!

Our Defensive Coordinator talking to the linebackers

Reid #22 and one of his best friends Marty #80, taking a long rest after the opposing team had a player that had to be taken by ambulance after being injured. I pray the kid was okay. SCARY!

Reid talking to Jeremiah, who is their team manager and has cerebral palsy. He is an inspiration and was featured in our local paper and it was written that Reid was his favorite player. He is a special kid and Reid is so great with him.

Jeremiah giving pats on the back and encouraging the players.

Our AMAZING Coach Bird talking to the boys after the game, giving them encouraging words...Reid is standing right next to him.

Reid #22 and Blake #52....they were the babies on Varsity last year together. The only Sophomores, now they are Defensive leaders.

So proud of our boys!
So proud of my Reid! He is an amazing kid and I can not tell you how almost every coach and even their wives have stopped us and told us what a "once in a lifetime" kid he is to coach. He practices and plays 200% and is so committed to his team and coaches. He wants to play college football so bad! I know he will....when he sets his mind to something, he does it. His motto this year was Phil 4:3, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me". He came up with that, and I was so proud. I am so grateful that he stands up and walks in faith!
On top of that he has a 4.0 GPA and is ranked in the top 10 in his class. He takes all AP classes and is on schedule to graduate next year with almost a year of college credits behind him. He is involved in NHS and Student Council at school. He is just a good kid.....I am not sure how I was so blessed with such an easy teenager!

So, now that Reid is not playing is all about Maddie! LOL! But, things are going to slow down now that Football and Fall are over. It is always the busiest time of year for us! I am looking forward to slowing down and enjoying the holiday season.

I hope you all have a wonderful week ahead!


  1. Reid’s a LB, right? He should seriously look at ACU! It’s expensive, but they give great scholarships, especially for ACT scores. You can take the ACT as many times as you want at the testing center for free trying to get your score up! It’s just different here… it’s more about developing the players into MEN of GOD than winning. With that, the winning follows! Jim Nanz on CBS called ACU a “D2 powerhouse” yesterday on TV! So cool! I wish I could go into, but the coaches here are all amazing men and they do some amazing things. They have taken all the players to Promise Keepers before… raised the money for the ENTIRE team to go!

    If Reid wants to play, tell him to keep working hard and follow his dream! He can do it! I can’t tell you how many walk ons we have playing on our defense right now and we have one of the best defenses in D2. Most of them are coming back too so we should be even better next year!

  2. I love the story about the kid with cerebral palsy! So heartwarming!

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