Friday, November 27, 2009

I hope you all had a very BLESSED Thanksgiving! I know we did! Today is our last day of skiing...the kids have taken up snowboarding and LOVE it! It makes me sad because I so enjoy skiing with they are little boarders! Brant is trying to learn to board today, and I am going to take it up next year, I think! You do see people of ALL ages snowboarding. So, we will ski all day today and it is one GORGEOUS day! It has been beautiful weather our entire stay. We will then head to Durango tonight for their Christmas Tree Lighting and we are going to ride their famous Polar Express Train! We watched Polar Express last night to get in the spirit! Ha! Kids are never too old! My kids are growing up but still enjoy doing FUN stuff like that! I am going to enjoy this beautiful day of skiing with my family and will update more later!

HAPPY SHOPPING to everyone!!

Blessings from Colorado....

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