Friday, November 20, 2009

The Rose Family Dogs.....

Kelly over at Kelly's Korner is hosting Show Us Your Life....PETS!
We have 2 spoiled dogs!

This is Katie

9 years ago.....Maddie and I were walking down our street, walking her best friend home from a playdate (They were 3 at the time). It was about to start storming. As we were walking 2 puppies ran up to us from out of nowhere. They were lost and it was about to storm! The girls had a fit over them! Of coarse we could not leave we took them back to our house. We put up signs the next day....but no one called. So, we kept Katie and gave her sister to my mother in law, who they named Abbie. When we decided to keep her we took her to the Vet and he thought she was about 4 months old and that he was an Australian Sheep Dog or possibly a Blue Heeler mix. She is 9 years old now.....and Katie has been the best dog! Blue eyes and all!

Along with Katie....we also had a Lab named "Scooch". ( I do not have any pictures on my laptop...I will have to upload some old ones some other time). Brant had gotten Scooch shortly before we married. She was the BEST DOG EVER!! The kids grew up with her and she was the most protective, patient, loyal dog. When she was 12....she was showing signs of her old age and having a really hard time getting around and we had also had to have some cancerous tumors removed. We just knew that her time was nearing the end. However....when we found Katie and decided to keep her, it seemed as though Scooch slowly but surely got better! She was happier, more active and getting around well...very well! Katie brought her back to her youthful self! For a few more years anyways. A few years later, when she was 14...Scooch passed away. You know the move "Marley and Me"....well, that was us! Almost identical! Reid was 11 and Maddie was 7 when she passed away. Reid was especially devastated....she slept upstairs in his room every night and he had the hardest time dealing with that. We missed her dearly. But....we still had Katie and she made us happy! About a year after Scooch passed....we decided Katie needed a sister!

Then came...little Miss Zoe!

She is a Shih tzu and a DIVA...let me tell you! But the best dog! We had never had a "Small Breed" dog, so we were not sure how she would do. Well, she thinks she is a BIG dog! She is great with everyone.....and has the best, most laid back personality. Katie pretends not to like her much....but I know she does! I think Katie would prefer to be the one and only dog of the house though! Ha! Zoe thinks she is big stuff and tries to boss Katie around....and Katie lets her. LOL!

This is a pic of Maddie with Zoe about a year after we got Zoe.

Zoe is now 5.......

She gets groomed every 6 weeks....and this is a pic of the last time. The groomer put bows in her hair and she hates bows!! She was not happy.....

but she sure made us happy....and giggle!!

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