Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Remembering all of our Veterans today and always for the sacrifices they made for our freedom.
Remembering my Paw Paw....who was my true "for real" HERO! He fought in Germany and Normandy during WWII, and watched his best friends die right in front of him. He lived through it and came home a hero! I loved to hear his war stories as a little girl, look through the scrapbook my grandmother made of all the photos and newspaper clippings and made him show me his bullet wounds. I was so curious about it? I can not imagine what all he must have went through. He was so humble, and so proud of his country. Have you ever seen the movie "Band of Brothers"? It was shown on HBO years ago and was an 7 or 8 part series. I highly recommend makes you so thankful for what those men went through. It is a epic movie and is moving.
THANK YOU to all our troops that continue to keep us safe and FREE! May we not take our freedom for granted....ever! PRAY for our troops!

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