Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Update from Tuesday: We went up to the slopes early and Brant & the kids skiied along with the Nelsons, who are vacationing with us. My friend Gema & I stayed in the lodge and I enjoyed watching the kids come down the slopes and taking pictures. We sat and had wonderful "Mommy" conversation and then everyone came in for lunch. We enjoyed lunch and saw the kids off to ski again and then Gema & I went back to town in Pagosa Springs and shopped at all of the cute shops, and we stopped at a bookstore where I bought my first Twilight book! We then sat and had coffee at an adorable coffee shop facing the hot springs. After coffee we went back to the house and started dinner. Everyone got back in time to eat chili dogs! We then all took off to the movies and went to see New Moon. The movie was GREAT! Back at the house I got the kids settled and I curled up by the fire and started reading Twilight! Amazing day!

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