Wednesday, November 25, 2009's Wednesday already! I did not update yesterday....sorry! Monday night after a FUN day of skiing we stopped and bought the "Twilight" DVD. Maddie has been wanting to see "New Moon" and since I have not seen any of the movies and have not read any of the books I wanted to see it before we saw "New Moon". So we ate homemade Mexican Corn Chowder Soup for dinner that my wonderful hubbie made for all of us (Southern Living Recipe). We then watched "Twilight". To my surprise I loved it! The only theatre in Pagosa Spring is the old historic Liberty Theatre. It is so cute....but only shows one movie. It just so happens they are showing "New Moon"! Yay for us!!

I am blogging from my Blackberry again....will update Tuesday in the next post! Still have not figured out to post pics!

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