Tuesday, November 3, 2009

What a week.....

I am really trying to keep up.....it has been hard! The fall is always the super busiest time for us!
It should start slowing down....a bit.
Maddie has her last Volleyball game of the season last Thursday. They won...again! They only lost 1 game all season! AWESOME year!
Here is my girl...smiling and having fun!

Here is her coach and teammates after the last game!

Now onto Basketball season! They had basketball tryouts all last week. Maddie found out she made the team on Friday. Happy girl!
At work (the high school)....some of the girls and I decided to make some goodies for all of our student aides. Well, in my competitive nature, it turned into a contest! ha! We called it the "Cupcake Wars"!
We numbered the cupcakes and had the students try each of them and fill out a ballot. They voted on best taste, presentation, creative, and overall.

I made eyeball cake balls. I won best taste and tied for overall...WHOO HOO!

Weren't these cute?? Frank and his bride!

We also made this fun "icky" punch

The local newspaper guy caught wind of out "Cupcake War" and came by and took pics. It is suppose to run in tomorrow's paper (eeeek). The kids had a blast and full tummies and we enjoyed doing it! I LOVE my job!
Friday was also our SENIOR Pep Rally!! It's a tradition.
Here are the senior football players doing a cheer and stunts with our cheerleaders.
Good Job, huh?

This is Jeremiah...he is our honorary football player. He has CP, but is so resilient and is accepted and treated like everyone else. He is our #1 fan and got Spirit Fan of the Week!

This is Colton (dancing in the front, middle). He is one of my students and was the STAR dancer of the football players. He was HYSTERICAL!

Class of 2011 doing their class yell. Reid is on the right.

Reid and Blake

Juniors and Seniors singing the school song. Seniors last pep Rally.

Reid and Meagan after the Pep Rally.

After the Pep Rally the Seniors gathered around and sang their senior year songs.

It was so AWESOME! This girl has a VOICE!

and this young man wrote a song and sang it....so talented.

The Senior parents all came and each group (football, cheer, band, FFA, volleyball, basketball, etc.) did a cute skit for the students. It was so FUNNY! The kids had no clue! We have such a great group of kids at our school! I am so proud to be a part of it!
We had our last home Football at our new stadium. I can not believe the season is almost over. I am so proud of our coaches! It has been a disappointing season for them....but we are ready to work hard and look forward to next year! We still BELIEVE!!
On the 5th floor of our pressbox is "The Suite". Here are some pics. It has an awesome view. It was decorated in pink because the theme of th game was "Pink out the Pirates". We were playing the Pirates and we were also honoring Breast Cancer Awareness. The Susan G. Koman Foundation was there and we presented them a donation during halftime.
Here is the Suite:
Here are my parents watching the Pre Game SENIOR NIGHT activities.

Maddie watching from high above.

Another view

We enjoy the suite and we always go up there and eat before the game, however I go down and sit in my seats in the stands during the game....gotta cheer on my boys!

Another great sign made by our cheerleaders.....it was all shimmery silver foil.

This is Ryleigh (Reid's girlfriend Meagan's little sister
Yelling "LET"S GO OWLS!"

We lost.....it was quite a game. LONG STORY! Argh!
This was Reid's Jeep on Saturday....

he got "Tagged" by Meagan. Ha Ha. That's what they call it these days.
we stayed home and gave out candy for about an hour and then went acrosss the street to our neighbors. They have a firepit and we all sat around eating yummy food and let the kids go Trick or Treating and handed out candy to the little ones. This was the first year that I have not taken Maddi Trick or Treating. I was sad.....but she had fun with her friends. She decided not to dress up, she was a Bumble Bee (again) but it was a little too cold, so she was just Maddie. Reid went with Meagan an her little sister to the church fall festival.
Here is Maddie and her buddies:
I did not take many pics.....REGRETS!! I almost always have my camera, but forgot it. I was too busy socializing! Go figure. Ha.
On Sunday, I took my few Halloween decorations down, and changed my entry table up a bit.

It was a GORGEOUS day!
Here is Katie....loving the weather.

Starting to FINALLY look like Fall in Texas.

Brant was busy al week planting trees.....

10 new ones...TOTAL!

He planted all new Red Oaks and Maples. So pretty! He had planted several more in the Spring. So, we have quite a few trees on our acre lot now. I can not wait to see the pretty colors of these next Fall!
Monday was Maddie's last football game to cheer at!
She has had a blast her first year of middle school cheerleading.

Thy are a great group of girls.

and SILLY!!!
Are you caught up now??? Ha Ha.
I hope you all have a great rest of the week!
Reid has one more football game Friday night and onto Basketball season!
I am loving the time change....it FINALLY feels like Fall!

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