Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Hey ya'll!!

I am blogging from my busy lately!

We are seeing Princess and the Frog today! My sister is in town with my niece and my mom, sis and her kids and Maddie and I are spending the day together!

Tonight I hope to update all of the happenings with The Roses' since Christmas....we have had 3 birthdays too!!'s been fun though!

Hope you all had a blessed Christmas!!! Can't wait to read and catch up on everyone's blogs!


Friday, December 25, 2009

A WHITE Christmas Eve...In Texas!!

Hey Ya'll!!

Guess what?? It was 70 degrees and sunny here in the DFW area yesterday....and this was a pic of our home around 4:00pm Christmas Eve.....

SNOW!!!! And like a BLIZZARD....well, for Texas anyways! LOL! LOVE IT!!

And as I write on in this post....I want to thank my precious husband, Brant!! He took ALL the photos and thank goodness! I am always so busy.....I put the camera down and forget to take photos. So....our precious Daddy is in not 1 single pic tonight! I am so mad at myself~and to top that off, he has to work tomorrow, Christmas Day! Firefighters work their shift, holidays are not....bummer! We will make it up to him though!! Love you Daddy!

Here he is......

This is a pic from last week....but would you have known if I did not tell you??

Okay....back to the festivities!!

We always have everyone over at our home Christmas Eve.....

The dessert table was ready first....of coarse! Maddie's SMORES cookies in the middle were alot of work, but she was PROUD!

Reid went to Meagan's (GF) families for we waited for them to arrive.

They made it........

The kids waiting for everyone to finish they can open gifts! Go figure...

Reid and Meagan My BIG girl.....and her B-day is 2 days away!
My niece and nephew Hannah and Elijah

Mom and my sister.....twinkie sweaters! LOL....And they did not know they owned the same sweater!

The 3 of us....(Mom's eyes are closed....ha)

Kids+Snow= FUN!!

Maddie is so good with them!
My Mad...showing off her zebra!

Reid and Meagan
Let the presents begin....
My mother in law, Gail
Father in law, Tom
Me making sure Eli's new bat is not a deadly wasn't! LOL! It was rubbery soft!
Dad....always sportin' his Longhorn gear!
Reid opening his....Te Mato??? Inside joke between his Dad and hi.
Nice glasses.....Grandma always finds the neatest gifts. These were a HIT!
Meagan loves PARIS!
Reid got Maddie a new bag! He shopped all by himself this year. Good job Brother!!

What am I doing??

Zoe has had enough.....
Mom and Dad
Reid finally getting his real gift from Dad...and iPhone!!

Maddie getting her BIG gift from Daddy....

Snow Board Bindings....and ZEBRA!!!

My sister and her family decided to stay the night due to the bad I inherited 2 extra kids! Somehow the all ended up before bed jumping and wrestling on my bed! They LOVE to wrestle with Reid. bed!

We had a FUN evening with Brant's parents, my parents and my sister and her husband and kids. Unfotunately my brother and sister in law could not make it. My brother had back surgery 2 days ago and they were going to come, but decided due to the weather and driving condition he should stay in. They live a few hours away. So we are praying that he feels better and heals soon! I did not get any pictures....but SANTA always makes an appearance at The Rose Home every Christmas Eve! Brant did it for years.....SHHHH, but since are kids are older he has passed the torch on to my brother in law. So, this was his first time to "play" Santa....and it was a hit! We all pretend to hear Santa's sleigh bells and we all go outside to look and then WHAM....we see Santa in the house through the window putting gifts under the tree. Then we have to be very quiet so Santa doesn't hear us....and when he leaves we go back in the house and the kids are delighted to see gifts that Santa left for them!

They were soooooo CUTE!

We did Santa every year since Reid was 2 and we still do it!! It sure was COLD this year out there watching Santa though! Ha Ha.

We are blessed with a wonderful family and children!

We made sure we stopped before gifts for a few minutes and discussed with the kids (even though they know) what the true meaning and importance of Christmas is. Eli said "the manger" that! We also had a sign that said "Happy Birthday Jesus" on the dining table.

Luke 2:9-12
And an angel of the Lord appeared to them, and the glory of the Lord shone around them, and they were filled with fear. (10) And the angel said to them, “Fear not, for behold, I bring you good news of a great joy that will be for all the people. (11) For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Savior, who is Christ the Lord. (12) And this will be a sign for you: you will find a baby wrapped in swaddling cloths and lying in a manger.”

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Baking....and Family Movie Night!

So....Maddie and I did not leave the house at all today! We baked, and baked, and baked. And this Momma did not put on a stitch of make up and stayed in sweats ALL day! That rarely ever happens. It was NICE...for a change! Maddie put on our Nutcracker CD and we listened to it while baking....Maddie also brushed up on some old ballet moves around the kitchen! HA!

Here was Maddie mixing the dough for her S'mores cookies.....

And our little dust mop stayed parked in that spot all day....waiting to be fed or catch a crumb.

We made our chocolate trail mix....

Homemade Pecan Bars

and Praline Cookies....these are YUM!

We wrapped it all up and delivered to all the neighbors.

So...I am OFFICIALLY DONE! No more shopping, wrapping, etc.!

While we baked...Reid went to the mall with a friend to buy gifts for us....REALLY?? WOW! And Brant went to run a few errands for me! SWEET MAN!

Tonight we had BLT's for dinner and had our Family Movie Night! I just realized this year that my kids have never seen the original Miracle on 34th Steet"! So, I bought it at Walmart for $9.00 on DVD and we all watched it tonight! Even Reid watched it. They REALLY liked it!! We had a nice, calm, quiet evening at home. LOVELY!

We do plan on baking some more tomorrow evening. We are making Oreo cookie cake balls and finishing Maddie's cookies tomorrow...for our Family Christmas Eve Party. And I am making an early trip to the mall with my BFF tomorrow morning. They just moved this past weekend and she is so behind, so I am going to help her finish Christmas shopping! BLESS her heart! We also have to get her tree up PRONTO!! I can't imagine moving during the holidays! But in this housing market, you have to sell when you can! And since she teaches school this was the best time for them to move. So, I am going to try and help her get everything done tomorrow. PRAY for us!

Hope you all are enjoying the season!!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Follow me on Twitter.... I am FINALLY on Twitter!!

Time to ENJOY!!!

See this man....he is my love, my life, my best friend....everyday I THANK GOD for him!

I know that was random....and there is no reason to post this but "just because"! Most of the time I post stuff about the I had to give him a shout out! He is the best person I know. He will do anything for anyone, gives so much of his time to helping others, is the BEST Dad EVER, and the most thoughtful husband!

On another note.....I am hoping to get to sit down with the kids and Brant tomorrow night and watch this together.......

while eating all of the yummy goodies Maddie and I plan to bake tomorrow afternoon.....

ALL of my shopping is DONE....

ALL of the gifts are wrapped and under the tree.... I can sit back relax, enjoy the holidays and take in all of the memories!

I LOVE this time of year!