Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Baking....and Family Movie Night!

So....Maddie and I did not leave the house at all today! We baked, and baked, and baked. And this Momma did not put on a stitch of make up and stayed in sweats ALL day! That rarely ever happens. It was NICE...for a change! Maddie put on our Nutcracker CD and we listened to it while baking....Maddie also brushed up on some old ballet moves around the kitchen! HA!

Here was Maddie mixing the dough for her S'mores cookies.....

And our little dust mop stayed parked in that spot all day....waiting to be fed or catch a crumb.

We made our chocolate trail mix....

Homemade Pecan Bars

and Praline Cookies....these are YUM!

We wrapped it all up and delivered to all the neighbors.

So...I am OFFICIALLY DONE! No more shopping, wrapping, etc.!

While we baked...Reid went to the mall with a friend to buy gifts for us....REALLY?? WOW! And Brant went to run a few errands for me! SWEET MAN!

Tonight we had BLT's for dinner and had our Family Movie Night! I just realized this year that my kids have never seen the original Miracle on 34th Steet"! So, I bought it at Walmart for $9.00 on DVD and we all watched it tonight! Even Reid watched it. They REALLY liked it!! We had a nice, calm, quiet evening at home. LOVELY!

We do plan on baking some more tomorrow evening. We are making Oreo cookie cake balls and finishing Maddie's cookies tomorrow...for our Family Christmas Eve Party. And I am making an early trip to the mall with my BFF tomorrow morning. They just moved this past weekend and she is so behind, so I am going to help her finish Christmas shopping! BLESS her heart! We also have to get her tree up PRONTO!! I can't imagine moving during the holidays! But in this housing market, you have to sell when you can! And since she teaches school this was the best time for them to move. So, I am going to try and help her get everything done tomorrow. PRAY for us!

Hope you all are enjoying the season!!


  1. I so want to be your neighbor!! The goodies look yummy!! Glad your whole family could watch Miracle on 34th Street together, that is awesome! Have fun with your bestie. Merry Christmas to you and your family!!!

  2. Those are the best kind of days ever...baking, music, not leaving the house, no make-up, absolutely the best! Hope your day goes well today and that you can help your friend get everything done! Merry Christmas to all of you.


  3. Sound like the perfect day with the family! Those goodies look delicious!

  4. Hi
    I named my daughter Amy she is 30.

    NE Ohio

  5. I am going to need that recipe for the praline cookies! They look amazing!!