Friday, January 1, 2010



"You are doing more then growing up,
you're growing into all God created you to be.
For who you are
and all you're becoming,
your loved and celebrated-especially today!"

"...God not only loves you very much but
also put HIS hand on your or something special."

My sweet, precious girl is officially a teenager! She is 13!!

Maddie's birthday is the day after her Paw Paw's on the 27th. On Maddie's birthday, we had a little get-together for her. She invited 6 of her closest friends and we opened gifts and had pizza and then took ALL the girls to Holiday In the Park at Six Flags. Afterwards....we had what every teenage girls has....a SLUMBER PARTY!!

Rather than a cake, we decided to do zebra themed cupcakes.

The party is ready!

Our "reusable birthday banner"....we added zebra ribbon to match. As you can tell, maddie LOVES zebra! She says it's her "LOGO"! LOL!

Maddie's Birthday Tree!

We made a zebra "M" for the topper We decorated the tree in these handmade ornaments that had the initial of each of her friends. They all got to leave with their ornament as a party favor.

Maddie with a few of her friends Opening some of her gifts
Zebra and more zebra She is smiling at this gift....
Just what she wished for....
Her first pair of REAL UGGS!
She has worn them everyday since...
The girls arriving at Six Flags
Being silly....

Scooby Doo!!
Brant and I FREEZING!!
Daddy...waiting on the girls after they rode the Bob Sled 5 times in a row!
I rode this when I was their age...The Mexican Hat!
Leaving after 4 was freezing!!
Gettin' their jammies on....
Maddie maade each of them blow out a candle with her.
Make a wish!!
Movie Time....

It was a FUN day.....Maddie has the sweetest, most polite friends.

I can't believe my baby girl is 13! It seems like yesterday she was wearing big bows and smocked dresses.....oh how I wish we could go back. But, I look forwardto watching her grown into a confident, strong, successful young lady.



  1. Maddie has awesome taste. LOVE all the zebra: cupcakes, paper plates, ornaments, tree!! Way cute!

  2. What a fabulous party! One lucky girl! So glad to have discovered your blog! I also live in Funkytown...gotta love local flavor! Stay warm and I look forward to reading about your adventures to come!