Friday, January 1, 2010

Birthday #1....Dec. 26th

So, the day after Christmas is my Daddy's birthday!
So, I hosted about 20 family members at my house to get together for his 60th birthday.
My dad's brothers and some of my cousins and their kids came. We cooked some YUMMY spaghetti, salad and french bread for an army, but it turned out great! My cousin's wife Margaret makes GORGEOUS cakes, and was sweet enough to make one. It was such a wonderful Daddy enjoyed it!

Me and Daddy
Mom, Dad and I
Us and Brant
Reid and Maddie....I finally go a pic of them together!
Dad and the kids
The cake
The birthday guy!!
Mom and Dad
My dad, and his brothers
The Parentss in front of Maddie's birthday tree
Little Clara

The newest addition.....Ayden Levi
My cousin Jodi (the new grandma) and her daughter Taylor
The new Mommy
Clara playing dress up withMaddie's stuff
Little Jonathan Jr.
Maddie holding Baby Ayden
The whole Zoe!
It was a wonderfully blessed evening catching up with my family. We were missing many also....but the were in our thoughts.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my dear, sweet DADDY!

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