Monday, December 14, 2009

Colorado Pics....FINALLY UP!

So....I am finally getting some of the photos from our Annual Thanksgiving trip to Colorado.

So....a few years back we started a new tradition of spending Thanksgiving skiing in Colorado. We left the Saturday before Thanksgiving and came back the Saturday we spend an entire week in GORGEOUS Pagosa Springs and we ski at Wolf Creek....which is known for the BEST SNOW in Colorado!

This is Pagosa Springs....and the picture below is of the actual hot springs and the spa located over it. Across fro it (not pictured is downtown). It is loaded with cute boutiques and cafes.

This was he view from the balcony where we stayed.....SO PRETTY! the following photos were taken from my Blackberry, so they are poor quality. Sorry!

The view from the ski lodge....Wolf Creek is located in the San Juan National Forest and Mountains.

The kids...Reid brought his BFF Collin on the trip
Reid..... Maddie take a break in the lodge... Maddie up at Treasure you see her name in the snow?? The boys...ready to hit the slopes! My little ski bunny ME....going up before Brant and Maddie The big kids decided to FINALLY learn to snowboard.

Collin, Reid, and Hannah and their instructor.

Reid...learning....and falling! Shhh.....don't tell him I told you! He is a speeding ski demon, and expected to snowboard fast right off the bat! NOT....but after one time down and falling a few times......
He got it and hit the blue slopes the 2nd half of the day.....

now he ONLY wants to snowboard from now on.

My Maddie....

She took boarding lessons last year and after the BIG kids took up snowboarding, she decided too also.....look at her go!

Even Daddy took up snowboarding with the kids...and to my surprise ROCKED it! Sorry....I feel terrible I did not get pictures of our AWESOME snowboarding Daddy!!

I have been skiing since I was a little girl....and PROMISED the kids that I would take up snowboarding too next year....ahhhh! Surprisingly there was alot of Moms snowboarding! LOL!

As most of you know....TWILIGHT: NEW MOON started the weekend before Thanksgiving. The girls wanted to see it. I have not read the books nor had seen the first movie. So, the night before after a day of skiing we rented TWILIGHT and watched it and the next night we went to see NEW MOON.

Here are all the kids before leaving for the movies.....

Pagosa Springs only movie theatre is an old historic one called the Liberty.

Don't the boys look excited......ha! We convinced the boys and Dad's they would like it. They were great sports!

The theatre's snack was such a cute place!

Onto Treasure is a very famous sight! In the winter the waterfall freezes....COOL!

After a full day of skiing, on the way back I convinced Brant and the kids to hike a mile up the mountain to see it at a closer view.

Reid and Maddie

Maddie and I...that rock is right on frozen ice...YIKES! It was safe to go though! PROMISE!

My loves.....

Durango is exactly one hour from Pagosa Springs....we went there for one full day and then again one evening after skiing for dinner. It is such a neat town. The historic downtown area is one of the neatest places I have been. It is surrounded by mountains!

The historic train station and train.

This was a really neat home store...

and this was my FAV store....I got several neat gifts here.

It really put me in the Christmas Spirit....

I think my hubbie had had enough shopping....he was a GREAT sport!

As many of you know.....I LOVE STARBUCKS!!! This was the only one I had seen since going through Amarillo, Texas!! It has been days.....I was in heaven!
Brant and I taking a break at Starbucks

Isn't this window pretty...."BELIEVE"

This is the historic Strater Hotel in Durango.....we ate a VERY nice dinner here at the Mahogany Grille.

The last is a tradition to take our Annual Family photos.

Reid, Brant and Maddie

All of us

Maddie and Hannah

Collin, Maddie and Reid

All the kids....Collin, Connor, Reid, Hannah and Maddie

Me and the kids

The Nelson's and The Roses'

My loves....


I LOVE this life.....

Our kids LOVE Colorado and they love the cold, the snow and skiing! We get pure JOY out of seeing them have so much fun and spending the week watching them and skiing along with them....trying to keep up! We are so BLESSED to be able to go on this trip each year....on top of the other trips we are able to take. These trips are PRICELESS to us. We make so many precious memories that will last a lifetime with ours kids. We are so THANKFUL!!! Well.....until next Thanksgiving!

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