Thursday, December 10, 2009

It's the most wonderful time of the year.......

I love that song....don't you?? It just makes me want to dance around the house decorating for Christmas...Ha!

Anyways....Maddie and I decorated our Gingerbread house last night. Well actually.....Maddie decorated the Gingerbread house. She insisted "Let ME do it!". I guess I should be happy to let her....but it means that she is growing up and does not need me to help her. I don't like that! LOL! She did a great job! She soooo loves to cook, bake, and decorate! We love to do it together!


All done and on display in the dining room!


Did you notice her all bundled up in her zebra scarf and ear warmer.....well, she went out to help her Daddy finish the Christmas lights!

She is a DADDY's GIRL!!

Where was Reid you ask....he stayed inside and was stringing the lights on the roof clips! Smart boy! It was like 30 degrees last night!

Well....I have had my porch decorated since last weekend! Here it is....I LOVE my Santa! I got it in Canton last year. I also added this "R" to my wreath this year.

As I mentioned in my blog the other day....we had perfectly NEW lights that we purchased 2 years ago. All big white lights! husband is all about being GREEN and energy efficient. He wanted to buy all LED lights this year. Well, a few of our neighbors have the all white LED's and they look kind of a light blue-ish color. ICK.....sorry, I want WHITE, WHITE! husband did some research and found the LED's that are actually WHITE! YAY! They were double the money, but I LIKE them and that is what matters.....right?? He ordered them and they finally came on Tuesday. I must say though....all of these lights wrap the front, back and sides of our entire home and they are equivalent to one 60 watt light bulb! Pretty amazing! They will pay for themselves in electricity costs alone this year. I have a SMART man!

We are still not finished....we have all of the trees and shrubs to light. I know, I know....a little late, but we were out of town until the Sunday after Thanksgiving and then it rained. Then, Brant decided to order the lights and they were delivered on Tuesday. Better late than never!

Notice anything different on my table? When I was in Canton this weekend I found this cute zebra fabric, so I bought a yard. I was going to sew a runner, but decided just to throw it on. I LOVE it! I also finally got a new picture in my new frame!

I also found this silver glittery "Happy Holidays" sign. I wanted a "MERRY CHRISTMAS"....but they dd not have a silver one. Of's pretty!

I also took the star off my tree after finding this silver mercury glass finial tree topper. I had to have it! One, because I LOVE mercury glass and also because it reminds me of the tree topper when I was a little girl. My mom had one similar on our tree.

I have everything decorated around the house.....I can't wait to show you everything! We have 5 trees total and I have done some other fun things around the house. I will reveal all next week!

The Nester is hosting the "Christmas Tour of Homes" should do it too! It is so much fun to see everyone's pretty homes and creative decor!

Well....tomorrow is FRIDAY!! Just one more week of school and then 2 1/2 weeks off! YAY! Plus, Maddie, My Dad and I all have birthdays coming up the week after Christmas!
Tomorrow night we are finally making a date to go see "The Blind Side"! It came out when we were in Colorado on vacation, so we are the few people that have not seen it! I can't wait!

I PROMISE......Colorado pics are coming!!! We took over 1000 pictures, so it has been hard getting through all of them! Whew!

I hope you all have a FAB Friday....and a JOYFUL weekend!

I LOVE this time of year........

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  1. Your house looks so pretty! Great job! I need to go to Canton when you go because you find great stuff! My aunt and I like to go alot.
    You will love the Bling Side!!! Take tissues.