Sunday, November 29, 2009

We are home....HOME SWEET TEXAS!!

We are home from Colorado.....we had a WONDERFUL trip!

I enjoyed spending a FULL week with my precious hubbie!

And my sweet little "rose buds"...aka my kids!

(Sorry...these pics are from my Blackberry. Very poor quality). I have a TON of photos to upload from my good camera!

We woke up at home this morning to gloomy, foggy weather! YUCK! Colorado was cold but so sunny and GORGEOUS! So, I am a bit bummed of the weather here...but happy to be home!

I spent this morning unpacking, doing laundry, and I took all of my Fall decor down and packed it away. I am spending the rest of today getting all of the Christmas decor down from the attic and start getting it set out. YAY....I am so ready for the Christmas Season!

Did any of you get out to shop on Black Friday?? There were some great deals out there...but I have never gotten out to get them. For those of you here in Texas....I am heading out to Canton next Friday for First Monday! Yippee!!

Will update and share pics from our trip in the next few days.....

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Goodbye Colorado....Hello Texas! Well....we are headed back to our home in my sweet Texas! We have been in Pagosa Springs, Co. since last Saturday and have had a blessed and glorious week together in Colorado! It is a Thanksgiving tradition! The weather was GORGEOUS and the skiing was awesome! We had never ventured into Durango, which is an hour away from Pagosa Springs and we went twice this trip and loved it there too! We had a wonderful trip with our children and they love coming here for a week each year....making great memories!

When I get home I will unpack and start going through photos tomorrow to share! Can't wait!

I also can't wait to get all of my Christmas decor out and start decorating! I am so ready for the Holiday season! I hope you all had a blessed holiday and weekend with your loved ones....I know I did!

Many Blessings....

Friday, November 27, 2009

Hey Ya'll!! How was shopping for everyone?? I love to shop and get good deals...but I must say, I have never ventured out on BLACK FRIDAY! We are still in Colorado....but are heading home tomorrow! As far as our has been Glorious! We started going to Colorado a few years back and loved it so much that we decided to make it a tradition! The kids LOVE it! It is a memory they will always have...I love traditions! Today we skiied all day! The kids took up snowboarding and were naturals! So...Daddy decided to do it too! He did Awesome! We had a great day skiing with the kids! Tonight we headed to Durango! They had it all lit for Christmas...I am in love with this town! We were going to ride the Polar Express train but it was crowded and the kids decided they did not want to. So...we walked around Main St. And ate a very nice dinner and ended our evening...where else?? Starbucks!
What a blessed day!
I hope you all had a very BLESSED Thanksgiving! I know we did! Today is our last day of skiing...the kids have taken up snowboarding and LOVE it! It makes me sad because I so enjoy skiing with they are little boarders! Brant is trying to learn to board today, and I am going to take it up next year, I think! You do see people of ALL ages snowboarding. So, we will ski all day today and it is one GORGEOUS day! It has been beautiful weather our entire stay. We will then head to Durango tonight for their Christmas Tree Lighting and we are going to ride their famous Polar Express Train! We watched Polar Express last night to get in the spirit! Ha! Kids are never too old! My kids are growing up but still enjoy doing FUN stuff like that! I am going to enjoy this beautiful day of skiing with my family and will update more later!

HAPPY SHOPPING to everyone!!

Blessings from Colorado....

Thursday, November 26, 2009

I am still blogging from my Blackberry here in Colorado! Sorry no pics yet! Yesterday we skipped skiing and drove into Durango for the day. It is a charming town! It has an historic downtown and so many neat little shops and restaurants! We enjoyed shopping and walking around town. The kids enjoyed it too! I got a couple of cute sweaters, a pair of boots and an adorable Christmas picture frame that says "MERRY CHRISTMAS YA'LL"..very fitting for us Texans! We ended the day at Starbucks..Yum! We then headed back and had dinner and then watched movies with the kids. Today, we skiied all day and the kids took up snowboarding and LOVED it! We then headed back to town and had Thanksgiving dinner and watched the end of the Cowboy game. We are now watching are Texas Longhorns play A&M! Hook em'!! We will end the evening watching Polar Express with the kids! More skiing tomorrow and FUN plans tomorrow night!
Happy Thanksgiving to you from Colorado! I hope you all have a blessed day with your loved ones! I am so thankful for my wonderful husband who works so hard to provide a beautiful home for us and vacations that are so precious to our family, and for being the BEST dad ever to our children and the most supportive husband I could ever ask for! My precious children for being the the well mannered, thoughtful, giving children they are....and are God driven. To Brant and I's wonderful parents who are the BEST grandparents too! To our brothers and sisters and nieces and nephews....we are truely one blessed family! I am Thankful not only today but everyday! I pray for all those families out there that are struggling emotionally, physically, financially, and most importantly spiritually. I pray God will show you his love and grace....God is the most precious thing in my life...and he has blessed me abundantly!!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Update from Tuesday: We went up to the slopes early and Brant & the kids skiied along with the Nelsons, who are vacationing with us. My friend Gema & I stayed in the lodge and I enjoyed watching the kids come down the slopes and taking pictures. We sat and had wonderful "Mommy" conversation and then everyone came in for lunch. We enjoyed lunch and saw the kids off to ski again and then Gema & I went back to town in Pagosa Springs and shopped at all of the cute shops, and we stopped at a bookstore where I bought my first Twilight book! We then sat and had coffee at an adorable coffee shop facing the hot springs. After coffee we went back to the house and started dinner. Everyone got back in time to eat chili dogs! We then all took off to the movies and went to see New Moon. The movie was GREAT! Back at the house I got the kids settled and I curled up by the fire and started reading Twilight! Amazing day!'s Wednesday already! I did not update yesterday....sorry! Monday night after a FUN day of skiing we stopped and bought the "Twilight" DVD. Maddie has been wanting to see "New Moon" and since I have not seen any of the movies and have not read any of the books I wanted to see it before we saw "New Moon". So we ate homemade Mexican Corn Chowder Soup for dinner that my wonderful hubbie made for all of us (Southern Living Recipe). We then watched "Twilight". To my surprise I loved it! The only theatre in Pagosa Spring is the old historic Liberty Theatre. It is so cute....but only shows one movie. It just so happens they are showing "New Moon"! Yay for us!!

I am blogging from my Blackberry again....will update Tuesday in the next post! Still have not figured out to post pics!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Hey Ya'll! Well...we have been spending the past 2 days skiing here at Wolf Creek in Colorado! It has been GORGEOUS weather!! The kids LOVE the snow! At least once a year they get to come up here and experience REAL snow! In Texas we are lucky to get one snow a year and maybe enough to build a baby snowman! Ha!
We plan on skiing a few more days, having Thanksgiving dinner and doing some shopping in historic downtown Pagosa....of coarse! I am blogging via my Blackberry and have not figured out how to upload my will not work so far! I am gonna keep trying....I guess I could hook up the laptop!

I hope ya'll are all having a wonderful week and will have a blessed Thanksgiving with your loved ones!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

We are here.....Peace, Love and Colorado!! We made it..... So happy to be in Pagosa Springs!!
Well...we are on our way to Colorado for our annual Thanksgiving Ski Trip! I am attempting to post a blog via my Blackberry! I can't wait to get there and see all of that gorgeous scenery and SNOW! The kids always look forward to it....we do not get much snow in Texas and if we do it is one day and if we are lucky we may get anough to build a baby snowman! Ha! It will be a fun week of skiing, dining at some wonderful cafes and restaurants, shopping, and all kinds of other fun stuff! I am going to attempt to blog each day....we shall see if that works out!

Have a blessed weekend!!

Friday, November 20, 2009

The Rose Family Dogs.....

Kelly over at Kelly's Korner is hosting Show Us Your Life....PETS!
We have 2 spoiled dogs!

This is Katie

9 years ago.....Maddie and I were walking down our street, walking her best friend home from a playdate (They were 3 at the time). It was about to start storming. As we were walking 2 puppies ran up to us from out of nowhere. They were lost and it was about to storm! The girls had a fit over them! Of coarse we could not leave we took them back to our house. We put up signs the next day....but no one called. So, we kept Katie and gave her sister to my mother in law, who they named Abbie. When we decided to keep her we took her to the Vet and he thought she was about 4 months old and that he was an Australian Sheep Dog or possibly a Blue Heeler mix. She is 9 years old now.....and Katie has been the best dog! Blue eyes and all!

Along with Katie....we also had a Lab named "Scooch". ( I do not have any pictures on my laptop...I will have to upload some old ones some other time). Brant had gotten Scooch shortly before we married. She was the BEST DOG EVER!! The kids grew up with her and she was the most protective, patient, loyal dog. When she was 12....she was showing signs of her old age and having a really hard time getting around and we had also had to have some cancerous tumors removed. We just knew that her time was nearing the end. However....when we found Katie and decided to keep her, it seemed as though Scooch slowly but surely got better! She was happier, more active and getting around well...very well! Katie brought her back to her youthful self! For a few more years anyways. A few years later, when she was 14...Scooch passed away. You know the move "Marley and Me"....well, that was us! Almost identical! Reid was 11 and Maddie was 7 when she passed away. Reid was especially devastated....she slept upstairs in his room every night and he had the hardest time dealing with that. We missed her dearly. But....we still had Katie and she made us happy! About a year after Scooch passed....we decided Katie needed a sister!

Then came...little Miss Zoe!

She is a Shih tzu and a DIVA...let me tell you! But the best dog! We had never had a "Small Breed" dog, so we were not sure how she would do. Well, she thinks she is a BIG dog! She is great with everyone.....and has the best, most laid back personality. Katie pretends not to like her much....but I know she does! I think Katie would prefer to be the one and only dog of the house though! Ha! Zoe thinks she is big stuff and tries to boss Katie around....and Katie lets her. LOL!

This is a pic of Maddie with Zoe about a year after we got Zoe.

Zoe is now 5.......

She gets groomed every 6 weeks....and this is a pic of the last time. The groomer put bows in her hair and she hates bows!! She was not happy.....

but she sure made us happy....and giggle!!

Thanksgiving Tradition....

In a few days.....we will be on the road......on our way to this GORGEOUS place!!

It's Thanksgiving and that means that we are leaving Texas and headed to Colorado!

This is where we stay in Pagosa Springs....isn't it beautiful?

These are all pictures from last years trip......the picture below was taken on Thanksgiving Day 2008. GORGEOUS!!

We ski at Wolf Creek which has the BEST snow in all of Colorado!

The kids love it here!

They can never get this kind of powder snow in TEXAS!

Maddie loves to ski...snowboarding is new.

My daredevil Reid!

We spend the entire week of Thanksgiving skiing, relaxing, and breathing the fresh Colorado air!
Spending time together.....

Enjoying the GORGEOUS scenery....and fresh aair

Counting my Blessings....

Loving life...

And of coarse....having snowball fights!

And taking time out to visit the Spa and enjoying the natural hot springs in Pagosa Springs! Ahhhhh......

I am so ready for a much needed vacation!
We have started a tradition spend every Thanksgiving in Pagosa Springs. It is a adorable little a village. With an historic downtown with cute shops, cafes, coffee houses, art galleries, a movie theatre, and of coarse the hot springs. We ski at Wolf Creek which is a 20 minute drive up into the San Juan National Forest and Mountains. Wolf Creek is known to get the most snow and powder snow in Colorado. This year they have gotten a TON of early snow.....and another 30 inches this week! Colorado will be covered in snow!! YAY!! We can't wait to get away and ski and just spend the week together......and RELAX! I can't wait to share pics with you when we get back!

I hope you all have a BLESSED Thanksgiving Day with the ones you love!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Football season onto Basketball! was another BUSY weekend for us! What's new?

Maddie finished up her first Volleyball season for middle school and started right into basketball. They have had about 1 week of practice, and had a tournament this weekend in Weatherford already. So, Friday I left school early to drive and hour to get to her first game at 4:30. They won!! So we rushed back to town to catch the first Girls Varsity Basketball Game at our high school. Reid' precious girlfriend Meagan plays, so we had to show up and cheer her on. We made it just in time! They played great and won, and Meagan had a great game! Maddie was inspired and said she was going to play like that in her game. Saturday morning we were up bright and early to spend the day at Maddie's tournament. The girls played AWESOME....they won every game by at least 20 points! They won the first 3 games and made it to the Championship game. Out of all the teams there from all over the place, we ended up playing Burleson, who happens to be a rival school in our middle school's district. The game started out very fast paced and aggressive, and was neck and neck. But, after half time our girls started really pulling away. They played AMAZING!! They won 42-17!! They dominated the whole tournament! WOW! They were so proud and excited! Way to go Lady Owls!

Here are the girls at lunch.....the folks at Whataburger were so nice and patient with all of us!

Well... am late at posting this, but last week was our last football game of the season. We knew going into this game we did not have a chance at the playoffs. We had several starters out injured, mostly seniors. We also had NO Quarterback, yes....NO Quarterback! Our first string Quarterback was injured and our back up Quarterback was...well, let's just say not part of the team anymore. Reid was asked to play Quarterback....after not playing Quarterback since his freshman year! Then, they realized that they really needed Reid solely at Linebacker. Thank Goodness! Talk about pressure. So, we had one of our seniors that plays Safety play Quarterback. He also had not played QB since his freshman year. The first quarter, we were scoreless and could not get a first down at all! It was looking dim at half time....21-0. But, something happened after halftime. Our boys played with HEART and did not give up! It is the best they played all season!! They fought their way back to 21-14 with just a few minutes left in the game. After we finally got the ball back with little time, we started our drive. We went for it on a 4th down at least 3 times and got the first down every time! It came down to one more play with 1 second....yes 1 second let on the clock!! We had to pass the ball over 30 yards to score....with 1 second left! OMG....I was standing at the top of the bleachers with my eyes closed and my hands in the air praying to God to please let these boys do this! The did it!!! They threw a 37 yard pass into the end zone and with 3 defenders on him, our Sophomore wide receiver jumped up and came down with the pass! AMAZING!!! The boys were all excited and praising each other. However.....we still had to kick the extra point to tie the game. We kicked and it was tipped....and barely missed. But, it missed.....and the score was 21-20. OVER! Our boys fell to the ground......disappointed. It was heartbreaking, but definitely a defining moment. A moment where they realized that they can do it. That they have the heart. That we all BELIEVE in them!
We have had a disappointing season. We had some seniors that should have been leaders and were not. We had selfish players. We had many injuries.
But....our returning players are ready! Ready to start rebuilding and working hard for next season. And, they have already started! Reid has decided to give up Varsity Basketball this season, so that he can work solely on Football this off season. He is committed!! He wants to put 30 pounds on, work on strength and agility, and get mentally prepared. He is ready! I am so looking forward to his senior year....I know he has great things in store for him! Yet....I am not ready to let him go. Time flies....and I wish I could stop it!
I am looking forward to next season. We have THE BEST Coaches !! We are so blessed to have them coach our boys!
Here are some pictures from the game:


Last night under the FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS in Texas!

Our Defensive Coordinator talking to the linebackers

Reid #22 and one of his best friends Marty #80, taking a long rest after the opposing team had a player that had to be taken by ambulance after being injured. I pray the kid was okay. SCARY!

Reid talking to Jeremiah, who is their team manager and has cerebral palsy. He is an inspiration and was featured in our local paper and it was written that Reid was his favorite player. He is a special kid and Reid is so great with him.

Jeremiah giving pats on the back and encouraging the players.

Our AMAZING Coach Bird talking to the boys after the game, giving them encouraging words...Reid is standing right next to him.

Reid #22 and Blake #52....they were the babies on Varsity last year together. The only Sophomores, now they are Defensive leaders.

So proud of our boys!
So proud of my Reid! He is an amazing kid and I can not tell you how almost every coach and even their wives have stopped us and told us what a "once in a lifetime" kid he is to coach. He practices and plays 200% and is so committed to his team and coaches. He wants to play college football so bad! I know he will....when he sets his mind to something, he does it. His motto this year was Phil 4:3, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me". He came up with that, and I was so proud. I am so grateful that he stands up and walks in faith!
On top of that he has a 4.0 GPA and is ranked in the top 10 in his class. He takes all AP classes and is on schedule to graduate next year with almost a year of college credits behind him. He is involved in NHS and Student Council at school. He is just a good kid.....I am not sure how I was so blessed with such an easy teenager!

So, now that Reid is not playing is all about Maddie! LOL! But, things are going to slow down now that Football and Fall are over. It is always the busiest time of year for us! I am looking forward to slowing down and enjoying the holiday season.

I hope you all have a wonderful week ahead!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Remembering all of our Veterans today and always for the sacrifices they made for our freedom.
Remembering my Paw Paw....who was my true "for real" HERO! He fought in Germany and Normandy during WWII, and watched his best friends die right in front of him. He lived through it and came home a hero! I loved to hear his war stories as a little girl, look through the scrapbook my grandmother made of all the photos and newspaper clippings and made him show me his bullet wounds. I was so curious about it? I can not imagine what all he must have went through. He was so humble, and so proud of his country. Have you ever seen the movie "Band of Brothers"? It was shown on HBO years ago and was an 7 or 8 part series. I highly recommend makes you so thankful for what those men went through. It is a epic movie and is moving.
THANK YOU to all our troops that continue to keep us safe and FREE! May we not take our freedom for granted....ever! PRAY for our troops!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

What a week.....

I am really trying to keep has been hard! The fall is always the super busiest time for us!
It should start slowing down....a bit.
Maddie has her last Volleyball game of the season last Thursday. They won...again! They only lost 1 game all season! AWESOME year!
Here is my girl...smiling and having fun!

Here is her coach and teammates after the last game!

Now onto Basketball season! They had basketball tryouts all last week. Maddie found out she made the team on Friday. Happy girl!
At work (the high school)....some of the girls and I decided to make some goodies for all of our student aides. Well, in my competitive nature, it turned into a contest! ha! We called it the "Cupcake Wars"!
We numbered the cupcakes and had the students try each of them and fill out a ballot. They voted on best taste, presentation, creative, and overall.

I made eyeball cake balls. I won best taste and tied for overall...WHOO HOO!

Weren't these cute?? Frank and his bride!

We also made this fun "icky" punch

The local newspaper guy caught wind of out "Cupcake War" and came by and took pics. It is suppose to run in tomorrow's paper (eeeek). The kids had a blast and full tummies and we enjoyed doing it! I LOVE my job!
Friday was also our SENIOR Pep Rally!! It's a tradition.
Here are the senior football players doing a cheer and stunts with our cheerleaders.
Good Job, huh?

This is Jeremiah...he is our honorary football player. He has CP, but is so resilient and is accepted and treated like everyone else. He is our #1 fan and got Spirit Fan of the Week!

This is Colton (dancing in the front, middle). He is one of my students and was the STAR dancer of the football players. He was HYSTERICAL!

Class of 2011 doing their class yell. Reid is on the right.

Reid and Blake

Juniors and Seniors singing the school song. Seniors last pep Rally.

Reid and Meagan after the Pep Rally.

After the Pep Rally the Seniors gathered around and sang their senior year songs.

It was so AWESOME! This girl has a VOICE!

and this young man wrote a song and sang talented.

The Senior parents all came and each group (football, cheer, band, FFA, volleyball, basketball, etc.) did a cute skit for the students. It was so FUNNY! The kids had no clue! We have such a great group of kids at our school! I am so proud to be a part of it!
We had our last home Football at our new stadium. I can not believe the season is almost over. I am so proud of our coaches! It has been a disappointing season for them....but we are ready to work hard and look forward to next year! We still BELIEVE!!
On the 5th floor of our pressbox is "The Suite". Here are some pics. It has an awesome view. It was decorated in pink because the theme of th game was "Pink out the Pirates". We were playing the Pirates and we were also honoring Breast Cancer Awareness. The Susan G. Koman Foundation was there and we presented them a donation during halftime.
Here is the Suite:
Here are my parents watching the Pre Game SENIOR NIGHT activities.

Maddie watching from high above.

Another view

We enjoy the suite and we always go up there and eat before the game, however I go down and sit in my seats in the stands during the game....gotta cheer on my boys!

Another great sign made by our was all shimmery silver foil.

This is Ryleigh (Reid's girlfriend Meagan's little sister
Yelling "LET"S GO OWLS!"

We was quite a game. LONG STORY! Argh!
This was Reid's Jeep on Saturday....

he got "Tagged" by Meagan. Ha Ha. That's what they call it these days.
we stayed home and gave out candy for about an hour and then went acrosss the street to our neighbors. They have a firepit and we all sat around eating yummy food and let the kids go Trick or Treating and handed out candy to the little ones. This was the first year that I have not taken Maddi Trick or Treating. I was sad.....but she had fun with her friends. She decided not to dress up, she was a Bumble Bee (again) but it was a little too cold, so she was just Maddie. Reid went with Meagan an her little sister to the church fall festival.
Here is Maddie and her buddies:
I did not take many pics.....REGRETS!! I almost always have my camera, but forgot it. I was too busy socializing! Go figure. Ha.
On Sunday, I took my few Halloween decorations down, and changed my entry table up a bit.

It was a GORGEOUS day!
Here is Katie....loving the weather.

Starting to FINALLY look like Fall in Texas.

Brant was busy al week planting trees.....

10 new ones...TOTAL!

He planted all new Red Oaks and Maples. So pretty! He had planted several more in the Spring. So, we have quite a few trees on our acre lot now. I can not wait to see the pretty colors of these next Fall!
Monday was Maddie's last football game to cheer at!
She has had a blast her first year of middle school cheerleading.

Thy are a great group of girls.

and SILLY!!!
Are you caught up now??? Ha Ha.
I hope you all have a great rest of the week!
Reid has one more football game Friday night and onto Basketball season!
I am loving the time FINALLY feels like Fall!