Saturday, December 11, 2010

Goodbye Colorado...until next year!

Out last day in Colorado....

Was Gorgeous!!!

We ate at a local place that I want to try every year we go and we finally did!

The food was so fresh and yummy!!

After we hit the road we stopped off in Sante Fe...

And look what I found.....

A week without Starbucks was!

We walked around and enjoyed the shops and pretty Christmas lights!

My kids were embarrassed but I had to take a pic of these pretty pots they had all around the Plaza.

We went and had yet again another fabulous dinner!

Sante Fe is very artsy and Reid used my scarf and glasses to try and look the part! Ha....little goose!

We had yet another beautiful trio to Colorado.....

We love it there....It's definitely God's Country! Until next year.....

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Friday, December 3, 2010

Colorado....Day 7

Friday we skiied all day!!
It was perfect ski weather!

Reid & Meagan

Me and my man....

Me and my girl.....

Daddy wearing the famous Viking hat!

Maddie taking a break.....

After skiing all day we came home to get ready to go see "Harry Potter" at the old historic theater in Pagosa Springs.

Reid and Meagan....

Keeping warm....

Me and my girl.....

Afterwards we went to get a bite to eat...and off the boys to watch college football!

Another glorious day!!!!

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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Colorado....Thanksgiving Day!

What a beautiful day it was......

It was so peaceful waking up to this outside our bedroom window each morning!

Brant took the kids skiing Thanksgiving morning. I stayed in....nursing a terrible tummy ache. I finally started reading Beth Moore's "So Long Insecurity". I have had it since summer!! Great so far....

When the kids got home from skiing, we got dressed and went to dinner out. When we got there and sat down they informed us that they ran out of Thanksgiving dinner! Lol! But they had a large menu with plenty of good food to choose from.

My in laws....

Reid and Meagan....

The group....

Hannah and Kat...

Me and my Maddie by the fire....

My kiddos.....

Gema and I....

Very rustic....

It was a great dinner with wonderful family and friends! I am so blessed and thankful!

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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Colorado.... Day 5

This morning we picked Reid's girlfriend of 2 years, Meagan,up at the airport in Durango. We adore her! She had to fly in late due to basketball. She had 3 games since Friday. And her coach was very insistent that she not miss!! Reid is playing basketball too....he missed one game yesterday! Lol!! Sorry, but I told the coach when he talked Reid into playing he would be out the week of Thanksgiving break. Anyways....after we picked Meagan up we hit the slopes! It was super cold, snowy and windy!

Looks miserable, huh??

Well it was not as bad as it seemed and definitely less crowded!

Reid switched to skiing rather than snowboarding since Meagan doesn't snowboard.

And my Maddie girl did her thing!!

And then following her Daddy...ready to go!

The wind and snow never stopped up there!

But the weather is supposed to be clear and sunny the rest if the week! Yay!

Did you know that Pagosa Springs has the largest hot springs in the world?? Well... They do! And I plan on soaking in them! Ahhhh....

Hope you all have a blessed Thanksgiving with the ones you love!

We plan on skiing all day, having Thanksgiving dinner, and watching college football...Texas Longhorns vs. Texas A&M Aggies!!

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Colorado Day 3....well really 4

Well, day 4 was spent skiing....actually snowboarding all day! It was cold, but finally sunny!

We all 4 snowboarded together and it was a blast!!

This is proof (my friends requested it via Facebook! Ha!)

Reid and Brant impatiently waiting on me to get my board on!

See that super awesome girl in the hot pink jacket....that would be me!!

My last 3 runs....I did not fall once!! Really, seriously, for real! Lol!

Here is my super awesome little snowboarding girl....

And my husband who seems to feel 21!

And I have to show you Maddie's snowboard. She got new zebra (of coarse!) bindings for her snowboard this past year and after putting them on, she decided they did not "match" her snowboard very taa-daa!

She used colored and zebra duct tape and designed her own! A designer in training! I adore my little creative bug! She goof so many compliments and even some super cool snowboard dudes said they were gonna have to copy that idea!

It was a fun packed day....and we were tired (and sore....shhh) and just came back and stayed in by the fire for some Glee and Toy Story 3.

Well, today is suppose to be super cold!! Down to 1 degree tonight! Whoa! And more snow!! This is the coldest it's been in the years we have bend coming here! But, tomorrow and thd rest of thd week will bd nice and sunny....perfect ski weather!

Have a wonderful Wednesday....and many blessings for Thanksgiving!

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