Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I LOVE New York....

So anyone that knows me....knows that I LOVE NEW YORK CITY!!
People think I am kidding when I say it....but I will live there one day. I will....really! And my dream is to live in a brownstone....so you can imagine why I LOVE this blog so much! And Brooklyn is so charming....a must see while in NYC!

See just a few photos below of her amazing home. You can spend hours on her blog reading about and seeing the before and afters of all of the beautiful restoration work they have done. And she ia an IMPECCABLE decorator....and you must see all of the FAB parties she throws and the fancy themed invitations she makes too. She is SUPER creative! I want to be her BFF...for real!

Here is her LOVELY brownstone
Mrs. Limestone exterior traditional exterior

The Parlor....Living Room
Mrs. Limestone living room living room
The Dining Room
Mrs. Limestone- Dining room traditional dining room

Mrs. Limestone Kitchen traditional kitchen

So many GORGEOUS architectural features....just charming!
Mrs. Limestone Kitchen traditional kitchen
The traditional kitchen
Mrs. Limestone Kitchen traditional kitchen

Mrs. Limestone Kitchen traditional kitchen
The Guest Room
Mrs. Limestone- Guest Room eclectic bedroom
She is so creative and budget minded....look a the breakdown of the costs of her guest room.

Her office
Mrs. Limestone home office eclectic home office

The Guest Bath...and the dreamy clawfoot tub!

Love the wallpaper she used on the shelves in the built ins.
The vestibule....entry way.
All photos courtesy of: www.houzz.com and www.brooklynlimestone.com

She is currently decorating her Master Bedroom...all I can say is it to die for!!
Check it out!!


  1. I LOVE New York City too! I want to live there one day too. What a beautiful brownstone!