Sunday, January 10, 2010

New Year....New things!'s the NEW YEAR! can I please have this pantry??
I LOVE the look of it PERIOD!
But...I love how organized and neat it looks!
So...everyone tells me "You are so organized!"....well, I am not! I just FAKE it pretty well.
For real.....I am really organized with some things....and not so much with others.
I need to get better organized at home (cabinet's, closets, drawers, etc.), but also within myself (time management, getting more sleep, etc.). I guess they go hand in hand right?? I am really going to try and work on this......starting this week. Hmmm.....


And.....I LOVE this look. I am a bit obsessed with old, vintage white things lately. I REALLY want this would be prefect in my family room!

Okay....well, I know this is the most RANDOM post.
But, we actually had a weekend where we did not do much of anything. Niiiiceeeee! Did I do any projects aroung the house?? Brant worked Saturday, and Reid spent the day with Meagan (the girlfriend) and her family. So...Maddie and I met my parents and went to see Sherlock Holmes. It was soooo good! Robert Downey Jr. is wonderful in it! Afterwards, we had a late lunch and then Maddie and I came home and watched movies. Just us girls!
On Sunday, Brant spent the afternoon at home with the kids and I hd some "Mommy Time" and went shopping! I found some grat deals.....will share on tomorrow's post, hopefully.

It was been sooo cold everywhere last week....and it was here in Texas too! It got down in the teens....which is rare here. I LOVE the cold! People here think I am NUTS! It is suppose to warm up this week though.

Well...I hope you all have a week full of GRACE!!

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  1. You have great taste!!

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