Friday, January 8, 2010

Still my #1....

As many of you may or may not know this is COLT MCCOY....#12....our of the best and most succcessful QB's in college football...Colt McCoy went down injured early in the 2nd series in his final college football game....The National Championship Game! He was also the front runner for the Heisman this year, but had a "not-so-good" game against Nebraska and lost it to Mark Ingram. Bummer #1 for him. He actually DESERVED it hands down last year. Now I LOVE Colt McCoy....yes, he wins us football games, but more than anything because he is a true CHRISTIAN! He stands up for God! After having to sit on the sidelines injured and watching his team lose, he was interviewed after the game. When asked about it...he answered
"I have worked my entire life to be put on this stage and play this game. I have worked so hard to get here, But....I will never question GOD and I will never ask why. My faith is stronger than that. I know every thing happens for a reason and I will always be standing on the rock."

That is why I LOVE Colt McCoy!! What a role model for all the kids that look up to him. God is using him....and Colt knows that! He knows his purpose.


  1. He is a great Role Model so is Tim Tebow...........I was born and raised a UT fan and I am a SEC and LSU fan, but I pulled for UT

    LOVE your blog
    New follower

  2. I'm an OU fan but I must say, I was impressed with how much grace Colt showed after his injury and during the interviews after the game!!! He seems like a great role model :)