Wednesday, January 27, 2010

WHITE Wednesday and Lady Antebellum

I have been waiting for months for the new Lady Antebellum CD to come out and it was released yesterday! I went to the store first thing this morning and bought it. I literally ran to my car ( was cold) but I was super excited. I got in and ripped the plastic off and peeled that darn sticker trim took what felt like 10 minutes!
And when I opened my CD....this was inside.

LOVE this WHITE photo.....perfect this week for WHITE Wednesday!

Their music is so good....even if you do not like country music, you will LOVE them! I bought their debut CD last year and spent all summer listening to it. This 2nd one is just as great!
I have listened to it all day! You can get it for $8.98 at Target for this week! DEAL!


  1. OMG... I didn't know they were coming out with a new one. AWESOME! I'm so going to get it! The first one is great!!!!

  2. I got it too, on iTunes! I think I still like the first one better but this one is warming up to me now!

  3. i did the exact same thing last week!!
    been listening to it ever since!


  4. They are great! The guys are actually from where my husband and I grew up back in Ga.