Friday, February 26, 2010

I am in a rut!

This will be me...come March 13th!

I do not know about ya'll....but I have been in a rut lately when it comes to decorating and doing new projects! We have had such a COLD winter here in Texas....and it has just been too cold to go outside or in the garage to do any new projects! I am so ready for Spring and especially Spring Break in a few weeks. Last Spring Break we spent 10 glorious days in New York and New York City! I wish we were going again...however we are not going anywhere this Spring Break, so that we can enjoy our time off and get some much needed projects and "to do list" things accomplished. I am starting to make my list now.

1. Clean out and organize all of my "junk" drawers and cabinets that hold all of my craft supplies, etc. It is BAD!!
2. SEW!! I have had the fabric since early fall for a curtain for Maddie's bathroom and a few other projects.
3. Touch up paint around the house.
4. Clean out closets and get rid of clothing, shoes, accessories that we do not wear or need anymore.
5. If it is warm enough.....clean out our landscape beds and get ready to start planning our Spring planting. I also want to plant a veggie garden this Spring!
7. Clean off back porch and furniture....we have neglected it because we have not used it all winter. It has been windy and down right cold. So, it is covered in dust and dirt!
8. The dreadful GARAGE!!! Ugh! Time to clean out and organize! We have had to shove stuff in places it does not belong in order to park all 3 cars in it this winter.
9. Maybe find some time to go "junkin" and find some pretty old things. I am looking for an antique table to put behind my sofa and a china cabinet/hutch for my dining room that I can paint white.
10. Make some pretty things for the house and upcoming birthdays of friends and family.

Do you think I can get all of this done in 9 days???


I came across this blog, Shanty2Chic, for the first time today....I could spend hours on it! I am making a list of their projects to do. They take you step by step and have such creative ideas!

What are ya'lls plans for Spring Break???

Well, we have a busy weekend ahead in our family. Reid has a Track meet all day in Stephenville, so we will be up at dawn to go cheer him on in the cold and wind for 8 hours! And then Daddy Rose has to leave and head to Arlington with Maddie for the first game of her Basketball Tournament. I will have to miss her game to stay and watch Reid, but she has 2 more games Sunday afternoon. It will be a rush to get there after church. I REFUSE to miss church. This is one of those weekends where we have to split our duties. They keep us so busy and we put so many miles on our cars...but I would not trade it for anything and I cherish every minute of watching my sweet little Roses' do what they love.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.....stay warm!


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