Monday, February 1, 2010

I miss Football....

Last Thursday was Reid's Football Banquet. It was a crazy, busy day for me for I was on the decorating committee...The "MOM SQUAD" is what we call ourselves. It always seems to be the same handful of us that do everything! Anyways....I went from jeans, a hoodie, and UGGS along with wet, frizzy hair from all the torrential rain that day....and ran home and changed in 30 minutes to go back to the banquet. Whew....and it was still pouring rain. And NEVER stopped!

Reid and I before the banquetFor the tables (sorry for the bad pic), we had glittered "BELIEVE" (our motto this year) signs as the centerpiece and the placemats were all different photo collages. They turned out GREAT! We also had custom printed napkins, programs, and there were take home custom pens and beaded necklaces which were scattered on the tables.
Reid and his BFF's Collin and Marty.
(another bad pic...I carry my small pocket camera and Brant had the Big, nice camera)

Coach Bird announcing the team.

Reid receiving the Defensive MVP Award from Coach Ratcliff
Reid receiving his All District award and All District Academic Academic too!
Reid and 4 others being named Captains of the Year. A BIG honor...especially as an underclassmen! So proud of him!
Reid and Coach Ratcliff...such a great mentor to Reid.
Reid and Meagan
This is Jeremiah...he is an honorary team member. If you have read my blog before, he is such a inspiration to the team. He has CP and obviously can not physically play...but lives and breathes the game of football. He got a award tonight and was so excited....he received a standing ovation. PRICELESS!!
The local newspaper did an article on Jeremiah and when asked who his favorite football player was...he said Reid Rose. Reid is so good with him, and Jeremiah and him have a special bond. I am so thankful to have such a thoughtful, caring son!
It was a great evening. We are so blessed to have such a great coach in Coach Bird and his entire coaching staff. Even though our season did not go as well as expected, I think they all walked away having pride. He has taught them that above everything, it is not about winning and numbers, but belief and pride in yourself and in your team. Reid decided to not play basketball this year (frown) and focus on off season and working hard for next season. He is so passionate and committed! I am so ready to see what next year brings our team! I am already ready for Football!! Reid just started Track and before you know it Spring Football will be here!

Did I mention Reid is ranked 21 in his class and out of those 21, he is one of the few in all AP classes. He could be ranked higher but has chosen to take the challenging classes and I know it will prepare him better for college. He is still keeping a 4.0 GPA and that is with taking AP Calculus this year. He is the only Junior taking it. He hates it....Math is usually easy for him, but it has really challenged him this year. He has been a bit frustrated! But, has a great teacher that has old him he will appreciate it when he gets to college. He took his SAT's last weekend, so we are anxiously awaiting his scores. FINGERS CROSSED! I can't believe he will be a senior next year...I am so not ready for this!


  1. Congratulations to Reid and to you and your hubs. I bet you are proud! Sounds like you have raised a great young man!!! Awesome!!!

  2. Looks really good!! Way to go Reid!

    How is the new district line up?

  3. I love the story about Jeremiah! Have we talked before about Coach Bird's son being our backup QB here at ACU a few years ago?