Sunday, February 21, 2010

Spring will come....

We are in for another winter storm here in Texas. Snow again?? The are predicting another 4-6" in our area. So much for hoping for Spring...until then, I will dream of it. Bright, colorful rooms make me dream of Spring....what about you?

~Bern Williams


  1. Not looking forward to the snow either! SOOO ready for Spring. Love this look!

  2. I am so with you girl! Another great picture! Where do you find all this eye candy? Hope your Monday is wonderful! xoxo

  3. Hi Amy! At least you know Spring will come a lot sooner down there than it will up in the Chgo area!! I just read your profile and I must say we have a lot in common...I had to laugh while I was reading it at the similarities :)

    Have a lovely week ~

    :) T

  4. Beautiful!!! Send the snow to Austin!!!!!