Thursday, February 18, 2010

This makes me smile....

Be truely glad,

for there is

wonderful joy ahead.

I Peter 1:6


  1. Hi Amy Rose. I just went and read the passage where that verse is from. Today is the anniversary of my younger brothers death and that verse/passage is a great encouragement to me. Isn't it great to have something to look forward to!

  2. Good Morning! Found your blog through Pearls and Grace and SO glad I did! I love those pictures! I think we have the same style goin' on. I added you to my twitter, hope that is okay. Look forward to getting to know you. xoxo

  3. oh my sweet heavens!!! these pictures are just what a girl needs in 32* degree temps outside while i type. beautiful. i can picture myself at anyone of these places. gorgeous.

    stopping by from the PEARL PARTY! just wanted to say hello. thank you for these lovely images to dream about while i start the laundry. ;)


  4. Hello! Stopping by from the P&G blog hop! You have a beautiful family! Have a great day!