Monday, April 12, 2010

I am back....and a Giveaway!

My workspace.....

I have everything designed and arranged just I can find everything I need for all of my many creative projects! Aren't you impressed?? I FINALLY did it!







Ummm....yeah right! In my dreams anyways!

(Photo Credit: Country Living)

But....isn't it lovely?? It is a closet! I have a guest room closet just like it with double doors. My wheels are spinning! I have been dying to turn our 4th bedroom into a creative workspace...but I am afraid to give up the guestroom. What to do....what to do......


Ms. Vintage Sassy herself (LeAnn) is having a Giveaway!
So go visit her blog and you can win these "MUST HAVE!" goodies.


I know...I know....I have still not updated all of my activities and busyt life over the last few weeks! I am working on it...PROMISE!

I hope you all had a BLESSED was a GORGEOUS day here in Texas!! to Maddie's Volleyball practice at 8:30pm...what?? Yes...I know, late!

I will catch up on more of my FAV blogs....late....tonight!



  1. I say go for it...that is one beautiful, inspiring place to work!

  2. Hi! I love that picture! I would love to have a work space like that too!! I have missed you, can't wait to hear about what has been going on. hope your having a great week! xoxo

  3. I too would love to turn our guest room into a craft/painting/office space for myself. But i dont want to get rid of our guest bed furniture. Let me know what you decide! My wheels are spinning, I just want a space for myself!

  4. Okay I was getting ready to be totally jealous of you!;) I love that work space. If I ever have to turn our fourth into a guest bedroom I would so do this to that closet. I love it!