Sunday, May 23, 2010

Another busy weekend!

Well....we spent another weekend across the universe at a softball tournament. It was such a beautiful weekend....but soooo WINDY! I was caked up with sand...YUCK!

Maddie played did her team.

We got home around 5pm Sunday....and spent time here.
RELAXING...on the back porch.
I also have been putting these to use alot lately.
Working in the yard and garden.
Look at my is coming!
Our little vineyard....
We have grapes!!
Daddy.....grilling the steaks. He LOVES this awful, ugly smoker. I have to admit it makes some YUMMY steaks!
I promise he was happy.....even though this face looks annoyed. Ha! fresco.
Maddie looks a mess after being in the sun all day, but she joined us on the porch for dinner.
And then did some relaxing......doing flips on the trampoline.
softball uniform and all........
Life. Is. Good.

Maddie's Formal Dance....(sigh)

Maddie had her formal dance to attend Friday night at her middle school.
We had gone dress shopping a few weeks ago with all her friends. Talk about picky?? Geesh....all of us Moms were wondering what Prom will be like years down the road. This is only 7th grade! Speaking from experience with having a boy......boys are a piece of cake when it comes to this stuff compared to girls.

Here is my girl in her "Oh-So-Maddie" dress!
She had to have this dress...however is strapless (against dress code) and it was dressy but a little plain. We added the hot pink sash with tulle and found a cute tulle and rhinestone flower pin at an accessory store and we had to sew some straps on it.
And....ta-dah...we turned it into this Sassy little thing!
She is just too my motherly opinion!
Here she is with a few of her friends
Being silly...
Sweet girls...
It was a Masquerade here were some girls in their masks. Maddie wore her brother's mask from his Prom. That worked out easily. LOL!
I can't believe my baby girl will be in 8th grade next year!
They grow so fast....I wish she was 3 again!

Powder Puff- 2010

Our High School had their annual Powder Puff Game this past Friday!
Junior Girls vs. Senior Girls

It is a tradition....Juniors wear purple and Seniors wear Pink

Reid was the Defensive Coordinator...Ha Ha!

The Cheerleaders!

The Junior Cheerleaders performing at halftime...hilarious!
Meagan....playing defense. She was even sporting Reid's armbands. Ha ha!

The coaches....after the Juniors lost. ALWAYS!! We will get em' next year!

Reid and Meagan after the game
The JUNIORS....Class of 2011!!
They had a blast.....can't believe they will all be SENIORS next year!
It was a super FUN day! Another memory for the scrapbook!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Spring Sports Banquet

Last night was the high school Spring Athletic Banquet. Reid gave up basketball this year to focus on off season football, but he always runs track in the Spring. He has lettered since his freshman year in track. This is the first banquet I have missed (frown). I had to stay home with Maddie who had not been home all weekend due to softball and she had homework and a project to work on. So, Brant and Reid went to the banquet alone. Of coarse, Reid's girlfriend Meagan was there also. Meagan is the Head Varsity Cheerleader but is also an awesome basketball player. She is a sweet, tiny little thing but a little spit-fire on the court. They gave 2 awards for Track. High Point leader in Running and Field events. Reid got the High Point for Running Events! Meaning he scored the most points in running. And, Meagan got the Defensive MVP Award for Varsity Basketball.

Reid and Brant

My 11th grader

Meagan- Defensive MVP

I am so proud of them!
You know what is funny?? Reid is ranked 19th and Meagan is ranked 20th in their class of 300. They are super competitive with one another....and are best friends.
I can't believe they will be SENIORS next year!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Adding a little GRACE

See this pretty little thing.......

I had been searching high and low. Antique stores, craigslist, garage sales, etc. and had no luck. Then one day I found an old buffet in an antique store in Glen Rose for $200 that was perfect but it had a "SOLD" sign on it. Darn it! Then the owner of the store told me that next store in his storage building he had another one that he had not put out yet. He said it was not in as good of condition. Who cares....I was gonna paint it! And SCORE...there she was, this pretty little thing! I talked him down to $50.

So...I painted it.

And.... LOVE it!

It is the perfect addition to our family room!

You see it....way back there in front of the windows??

Another project I completed was this broken mirror that Maddie and I painted into a chalkboard. I wrote my "word for 2010" on it. GRACE. and some meaningful words and scripture.
Matthew 6:4

Just add "GRACE".

Courtyard Hounds

See these pretty ladies.....well, they have a new album!

I am a HUGE Dixie Chicks fan...since their beginning. They are such talented musicians and songwriters, and sisters Marty & Emily just came out with a new album of their own. I had read about it last week, and when I walked into Starbucks Saturday morning...there it was! I love this song..."The Coast". All of the song on the album are so soothing and pretty. Highly recommended!