Monday, May 10, 2010

Another super busy week....and Mother's Day at the ballpark!

Well...I have not blogged much, like I had PROMISED to! We had such a BUSY week....much of it was not even photographed. I was so busy running crazy, I forgot my good camera alot this week. I have found that rather than bringing my nice camera....I have resorted to keeping my small, pocket camera in my purse. At least I always have it....rather than forgetting my "I must have this expensive camera! I will take it everywhere!" camera! LOL! So these pictures are courtesy my little Sony Cyber Shot rather than my expensive Canon that I have also invested in a multitude of lenses and an adorable camera strap from Etsy! I hope the hubbie is not reading this! Do any of you have this problem??

So here are the poor quality pictures from my old, cheap camera......

Reid and Meagan after the Academic Awards Ceremony.

Reid and 2 of his BFF's after the Academic Awards.

I have to laugh and document this also. Notice how Reid's top button is unbuttoned and he had to do the "cool loose tie" look. Well, he has grown....and none of his dress shirts will button around his neck now! All of his nice dress shirts I bought him last year are all too little to wear a tie with now. My growing boy! He is 6'2" and has not grown in height in a year or so....but apparently his neck has! I guess all that weight lifting in off season this winter paid off...Ha Ha!


Well, Maddie had 8th grade cheer tryouts last week. Here we go again...can you say nerves?? Last year they only chose 6 and she made it. This year they were choosing 12...YAY! But, I was still just nervous! Of coarse, she was not the least bit nervous!

Here she is with a few of her friends Kenzie, Kailey, and Neely waiting to try out.

Maddie and Marilinda who was trying out for 7th grade and is an absolute doll!

Some of the girls...after tryouts. Notice Maddie being a goofball with her drink in the middle.

She made it!! I had to force her to take this photo...but she did! Meagan was so sweet and brought her some zebra balloons for Good Luck!


We spent the weekend in Southlake for a softball tournament! If you do not live in softball is a serious sport here for girls. It is keeping us so busy! We had to leave at 6:30 am on Saturday morning and did not get home until 8pm Sunday evening. So, needless to say I spent Mother's Day at the ball fields and it decided to turn cool and rainy after having a week of gorgeous weather! YUCK! What was my Mother's Day lunch...concession stand nachos. YAY me! I would not have it any other way though....I cherish all of the time I spend watching my kids do what they love. The kids gave me new Brighton charms for my bracelet, and white roses. It was a long, tiring weekend but I enjoyed it. My mother in law came out on Saturday to watch Maddie and my parents both came on Sunday. So, we did get to see our Mom's too! Reid even went and worked the scoreboard! Ha! I did not manage to get any photos of me and the kids! Darn it!

Maddie #12...getting ready to bat!

Maddie bunting....her specialty!

Look who snuck in a nap between games......Mi Mi! Ha Ha!

I hope you all had a blessed Mother's Day with the ones you love....

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  1. I hate it when I forget my good camera! =( But I think you still got some great pics! Hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day!!