Sunday, May 23, 2010

Maddie's Formal Dance....(sigh)

Maddie had her formal dance to attend Friday night at her middle school.
We had gone dress shopping a few weeks ago with all her friends. Talk about picky?? Geesh....all of us Moms were wondering what Prom will be like years down the road. This is only 7th grade! Speaking from experience with having a boy......boys are a piece of cake when it comes to this stuff compared to girls.

Here is my girl in her "Oh-So-Maddie" dress!
She had to have this dress...however is strapless (against dress code) and it was dressy but a little plain. We added the hot pink sash with tulle and found a cute tulle and rhinestone flower pin at an accessory store and we had to sew some straps on it.
And....ta-dah...we turned it into this Sassy little thing!
She is just too my motherly opinion!
Here she is with a few of her friends
Being silly...
Sweet girls...
It was a Masquerade here were some girls in their masks. Maddie wore her brother's mask from his Prom. That worked out easily. LOL!
I can't believe my baby girl will be in 8th grade next year!
They grow so fast....I wish she was 3 again!


  1. LOVE her dress! I actually think it is cuter with the added pink, straps and bling!
    How fun!

  2. Thanks Shanna....I agree!! We always have to add some bling! LOL!