Sunday, May 2, 2010

PROM 2010

Well, this was a whirlwind weekend....Reid had his first Prom. It was our high school's Junior/Senior Prom and it was held at the Ballpark at Arlington (where our Texas Rangers play) at the Diamond Club. It is a ballroom that overlooks the ball field. Reid took his girlfriend of a year and a half, Meagan. Of coarse! Over the past few months all of the Moms have been planning things such as before Prom pictures, limo ride, and a after Prom party. We dubbed ourselves the "Prom Moms". ha ha! It went wonderfully and was a special night for all of us! What a precious memory!

*** WARNING....lots of pictures!

Reid and Meagan arriving at the Bruce's home....where we planned pics.

The Bruce's have a lovely home and had used recycled wood from an old house that was torn down on their property to have several custom built walls for photos.
Reid and Meagan

We made Meagan pose like a Barbie Doll! Ha!

The boys....laughing at each other!

The group.....and some of the BEST kids ever!

The girls....

The boys....

The girls...doing what girls do...showing off their pretty shoes and pedicures.

The boys.....being sarcastic and showing their too!

The girls...pretty nails and corsages.
And....the boys.
The boys looking sharp.
The boys....being boys.
My precious Reid and I....
Reid and Meagan in their masks. The Prom was a masquerade theme.
The boys holding Andres' up...who is a foreign exchange student from Denmark.
The kids....again.

Meagan and he little sister Ryleigh, who was precious dressed up in her Sleeping beauty attire.
The boys and Moms...
The girls and Moms....
Packed into the Escalade limo!
They were sooo ready to finally get to go!
Ryleigh...watching them drive off.

After Prom they all came back to the house around 12:30am and all of us Moms had snacks and goodies for them. They all changed and hung out by the outdoor fireplace and went swimming in the pool and hot tub. We even had other kids show up.....that wanted a safe, alcohol free place to go. Unfortunately Prom night is a big party night here in most places, I am sure. It was so nice to see kids that just wanted to have pure and innocent fun. The boys were all taken home by 4:00am....yes, I said 4. Ha. And the girls all stayed the night at the Bruce's home. This 11:00am, the Bruce's invited the boys back over to have breakfast with the girls. It was such a great weekend....and I am so blessed that Reid has such a wonderful group of friends who all have high morals and character. All of the Moms enjoy each other and we are all so involved in planning things for them. We are already planning next year.....and how we are going to top this year!

On a side note.....Maddie is playing select softball and unfortunately I could not be there to watch her play, but Daddy was of coarse! She had a great weekend of ball.....but she was sad to miss seeing all the girls and their pretty hair and dresses. I was sad that Daddy had to miss the Prom excitement also....but there are times where we have to split duties between the kids.....WELCOME to parenthood,right!

This is what it looked like today from my back porch....the weather here in Texas was GORGEOUS today! I spent all day outside on the back porch reading and watching the nest of baby birds on our back porch. It was so relaxing...and I needed it after this weekend.

My laptop, People magazine, my Blackberry, and sweet tea from Chicken Express (the best!).

Well....another BUSY weekend ahead for us. It is the first week of Spring Football! YAY! Maddie has cheer tryouts all week at her school, on top of volleyball and softball practices. We have the high school awards assembly and our school district's employee banquet and auction raising money for scholarships. Summer is upon us.....I.AM.READY!


  1. aww. how fun! I remember those days!! Great pics and love her pink dress!!!

  2. That pink dress is 2 die 4!! One of the prettiest prom dresses I think I've ever seen. I see where some of the girls were wearing shorter dresses. I don't like that, I like it when they wear the long, because seriously how often do girls get to dress like a princess other than their wedding day!

    Great pics Amy.


  3. Ok, I know I am really late on commenting on this.
    How fun! It makes me remember my prom, what wonderful memories.

    PS. love the new look!