Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Spring Sports Banquet

Last night was the high school Spring Athletic Banquet. Reid gave up basketball this year to focus on off season football, but he always runs track in the Spring. He has lettered since his freshman year in track. This is the first banquet I have missed (frown). I had to stay home with Maddie who had not been home all weekend due to softball and she had homework and a project to work on. So, Brant and Reid went to the banquet alone. Of coarse, Reid's girlfriend Meagan was there also. Meagan is the Head Varsity Cheerleader but is also an awesome basketball player. She is a sweet, tiny little thing but a little spit-fire on the court. They gave 2 awards for Track. High Point leader in Running and Field events. Reid got the High Point for Running Events! Meaning he scored the most points in running. And, Meagan got the Defensive MVP Award for Varsity Basketball.

Reid and Brant

My 11th grader

Meagan- Defensive MVP

I am so proud of them!
You know what is funny?? Reid is ranked 19th and Meagan is ranked 20th in their class of 300. They are super competitive with one another....and are best friends.
I can't believe they will be SENIORS next year!


  1. Sports banguet...what great memories! Congrats to Reid and Meagen. So sorry you couldn't go this year....sad.

  2. Hello Amy, just stumbled upon your blog- very cute, your children are cuties- and so nice they are best friends- my 15 son-12 daughter are not at all-i hope as they get older it grows on them how lucky they are to have each other-
    Great blog- love the pics- boy does the time fly
    Just became a follower of your inspiring blog