Saturday, May 1, 2010

Where have I been??

I feel terrible....I have lost touch with blogging this Spring! I have had so many texts, emails, Facebook messages, etc. asking "Where have you been??", "Is everything okay?", "Why haven't you blogged?"....well all is perfectly fine. It is just! And, I LOVE every moment of it! We have been soooo busy with work and school (TAKS, school budget, banquets, sports, sports, and more sports). Now that the weather is so pretty, we have been doing house projects when we are home. So...blogging has been towards the bottom of my priority list. Sorry! I just have not had time to even get on the computer lately. I am purely relying on my Blackberry these days to communicate. But....things are slowing down at work and home (a bit), so I am back! PROMISE!

For family and friends wondering where new pics are a few things we had been busy with:

Maddie started Track this year in 7th grade and is polevaulting! She did AWESOME...jumped higher than 8th graders even. She LOVES it!

Maddie at the middle school "Ho-Down" dance! Growing up....(tear)
Another year of Track for Reid....long jump, triple jump, 100 hurdles, 4X100 and 4X200 relays.
Long jump

This always makes me nervous....

Getting ready for the 4X100 relay....this is wha every leg looked like. LOL! Very tough district for us!
REid running the last leg of the relay...not too shabby!

Meagan and I sitting in the stadium's suites during the district meet.

Well...track is over. Reid is gearing up for Spring Football!! YAY...I am so ready! And Maddie is playing select softball which keeps us very busy, on top of volleyball, and cheer tryouts are next week!
And....PROM is tonight!!! Reid and all of his friends (8 couples) are all taking a HUMMER limo to Prom. All of the "Prom Moms" are meeting at 4pm with the kids to take photos. After we send them off we are putting an After Prom party together for them! They are all great kids and we are so blessed that they even want us to throw them a party! Will post pictures tomorrow!
HUGS to all.....and I have been trying to catch up with everyone's blogs! I have missed you all!


  1. Love how your kids are so involved in sports, that's awesome. I wish more kids were. And the hurdles, ugh, scare me too. Awesome that you moms are throwing the kids a party for prom. What great parents you are!!!!!

  2. You're investing your time where you'll get the most return. Smart lady! You can't get this time back and I love that you are there for every moment. Your children are beautiful.

  3. You're doing exactly what you need to be doing... beign a GREAT Mom and spending time with your kids! Loved all the sports pictures and Maddie with her cowgirl attire! :)