Thursday, July 29, 2010

The dreadful garage....and some fab finds!

I am actually posting this post from my iPhone4......let's see how this goes!

Yesterday I spent the day cleaning and organizing.....the dreadful garage!! It was out of control!! After coming and going so much this summer for all of the kids activities all of their equipment, shoes, bags, and random junk had accumulated and taken over! We have a 3 car garage....and we could not park one car in the garage! Pretty sad huh? It became a dumping ground this summer! Okay...I admit...I had some old junk that I had put out there to get rid of that took up a third of the space! But we cleaned organized and got rid of alot if stuff!

And.......ta-da! Here it is now (I forgot to take a before pic....probably out of pure embarrassment!)

So...I loaded up all the junk in the Suburban and hauled it down to Goodwill! After they unloaded my stuff at Goodwill, I decided to go in... Just to see what they had.

I found this ottoman for $5!! It is in great condition beside the denim being worn on top, so I on recovering it!

I also found this side table. It is sturdy and well made and I love the style of it, so this cute little thing is getting redone and painted! Not sure where I want to put it yet??

Now to find the time to take on another few projects!!

Please make me feel better....and tell me that you have a list of projects waiting for you too!!


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