Saturday, October 16, 2010

The next step for Reid....

Happy Saturday!!! We are currently in Wichita Falls at Midwestern State for Reid to visit with the football coaches and we are going to the game tonight! I am super excited for him!! He has worked so hard and is so passionate....and he has been so down and frustrated with his high school team. He needs this to bring his spirits up and to keep his focus on what lies ahead. I will update with more pics later!

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  1. Good luck to Reid! In the last picture, you look like you could be his young and hot looking!!! WOOHOO!!!

  2. We lived in WF for 5 years before we move here! We lived in the houses West of the stadium. Jason was the head coach at Wichita Falls High school and the defensive coordinator before becoming the HC. We loved Wichita Falls.

    Good luck to Reid... I hope he finds a place that is the pefect fit for him!! It's definitely an exciting time for him.

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  4. Woo to the hoo! How exciting for him and y'all!

  5. Could you please post some more about your family - love your blog!