Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Colorado Day 3....well really 4

Well, day 4 was spent skiing....actually snowboarding all day! It was cold, but finally sunny!

We all 4 snowboarded together and it was a blast!!

This is proof (my friends requested it via Facebook! Ha!)

Reid and Brant impatiently waiting on me to get my board on!

See that super awesome girl in the hot pink jacket....that would be me!!

My last 3 runs....I did not fall once!! Really, seriously, for real! Lol!

Here is my super awesome little snowboarding girl....

And my husband who seems to feel 21!

And I have to show you Maddie's snowboard. She got new zebra (of coarse!) bindings for her snowboard this past year and after putting them on, she decided they did not "match" her snowboard very taa-daa!

She used colored and zebra duct tape and designed her own! A designer in training! I adore my little creative bug! She goof so many compliments and even some super cool snowboard dudes said they were gonna have to copy that idea!

It was a fun packed day....and we were tired (and sore....shhh) and just came back and stayed in by the fire for some Glee and Toy Story 3.

Well, today is suppose to be super cold!! Down to 1 degree tonight! Whoa! And more snow!! This is the coldest it's been in the years we have bend coming here! But, tomorrow and thd rest of thd week will bd nice and sunny....perfect ski weather!

Have a wonderful Wednesday....and many blessings for Thanksgiving!

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