Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Colorado...Day 2

Well, we headed up to the slopes this morning and when we got up there they told us they were closed for the day. The wind and temps have been extreme compared to normal and we assumed that was the reason. However, the parking attendant told us that it was due to an "incident" that happened earlier in the morning. When we asked what?? He explained he wasn't sure. Come to find out the director of Ski Patrol was killed by an avalanche while doing their routine blast on the mountain. Tragic!!!! While trying to protect others, he perished. Prayers for his family!!!

So, we came back to our house and changed and went to lunch at this great restaurant "Nello's Bistro & Expresso Bar". It was amazing!!

We then shopped a bit in downtown Pagosa Springs and found this lovely furniture and home store.

And the store owner had the most beautiful and massively large Malamute dog!! His name was Tonka....and I am so mad I didn't take a picture of him!! I was too busy petting and admiring him!

Later in the evening we headed back to dinner at...."Nello's" again! We love that place!!

We had steak calamari and esgargot.....

and Oysters Rockefeller. It was all so GOOD!!!

My picky eater Reid even tried esgargot!!!

Maddie tried and liked everything....except the Oysters! Ha ha!

And here they are both in their iPhones enjoying the free WiFi.....the service here in Pagosa is not great for AT&T. So when they get service....this is what this look like! Ha!! Glued to their phones!!

Before we left, we went to the lovely bar they have to order a glass of wine and we were talking to the bartender, whose wife actually owns the restaurant. He works Monday and Tuesday nights to give her a night off. Sweet!! We learned that he actually teaches ski lessons at the ski resort and was there this morning when the ski patrol director was killed. He informed us that his wife was a middle school teacher her in town and they had 2 small boys. So sad!!! The resort will have a fund for the family to donate to tomorrow! May God bless them! It was such a delight to visit with him and he told us so much about this wonderful community that we come to visit every Thanksgiving!! He is one of the many that visited here for years and then decided to move here and make this his home! It is so beautiful here.....a wonderful community of people! Maybe that will be us one day....we love it here!!

Well, the ski resort will be open again tomorrow....so we plan on hitting the slopes early tomorrow. I will have Day 3 updates tomorrow evening!

Much love....and many blessings! Hug the ones you love tonight : )


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