Saturday, December 11, 2010

Goodbye Colorado...until next year!

Out last day in Colorado....

Was Gorgeous!!!

We ate at a local place that I want to try every year we go and we finally did!

The food was so fresh and yummy!!

After we hit the road we stopped off in Sante Fe...

And look what I found.....

A week without Starbucks was!

We walked around and enjoyed the shops and pretty Christmas lights!

My kids were embarrassed but I had to take a pic of these pretty pots they had all around the Plaza.

We went and had yet again another fabulous dinner!

Sante Fe is very artsy and Reid used my scarf and glasses to try and look the part! Ha....little goose!

We had yet another beautiful trio to Colorado.....

We love it there....It's definitely God's Country! Until next year.....

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