Sunday, January 23, 2011

Reid's Senior Year!

Since I have been so TERRIBLE at blogging this past year....I am determined to do better!
We were so busy during the Fall and football season that I did not blog at all. So here is an update.....WARNING Picture Overload!

This was Media Day...where the parents, newspaper and people in town can come and meet the players and take photos.

This pic is of the Senior players.... Reid is a captain in the middle....#22!

Reid and his best friends....
Senior parents...
Senior Moms...
Reid's best friends and Dads
Reid's best friends and us Moms

Reid and his girlfriend Meagan
Reid and Dad
Me with Reid and Devon
Last Media Day with our boy!

Now onto Senior Season Highlights...

Reid speaking at the first Pep Rally
Captain taking the field for theie "last first game of the season"
Pre Game Bat Tradition
They call him "Coach Rose"

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