Wednesday, January 12, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday...

Okay...this is my first time to do WIWW over at the Pleated Poppy!

Eeeek! I started I have not done a full week yet. I used my iPhone for they are not great! I guess I need to use my big camera next week! I am also posting this from my pardon the layout. I go!

Monday: Work...I work at a high school!
Black dress- Target
Sweater- Target
Black patterned tights- Gap
Boots- Target

Tuesday- Work
Love this necklace

Brown Dress- Target
Belt- TJ Maxx
Denim Jacket- Kohls
Brown Tights- Target
Boots- Target (online only)
Necklace- Boutique

Wednesday- Work
Ruffled Dress- Ross
Sweater- Target
Shoes- Sam & Libby
I shop ALOT Target, it seems!LOL!

Okay...that's all for this week! I'm kinda embarrassed!! I LOVE seeing everyone else's daily outfits!! So I thought I would join in!

I have been bad about blogging the past year and this year promise to blog more for my family and friends! I love to blog about my family, home decor, crafts and projects, and more!!

Here is a sneak peek at my newest project.....

Yep....I am redecorating AGAIN!! It's a habit!! Will post the progress soon!

Blessings, Amy

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  1. You stylin' momma!!!! You would laugh if I posted what I wore everyday!!! SWEATS all the time, ugh!!

  2. Welcome!! Love your outfits and that necklace is beautiful!!!

  3. Such cute outfits. Love your blog.....and very much in love with the cross necklace :)

  4. Don't be embarrassed - you are uber cute! I LOVE all your outfits, what adorable dress/tight/boot combos! Welcome to WIWW :)

  5. Welcome, I really like your first outfit, so cute!

  6. I bet the boys at the school love ya and the girls hate ya! You are too stinkin' cute.
    P.S. I'm a TJMaxx kinda gal too!

  7. Looks exciting Amy! Can't wait to see what you are up to. So far liking what I see!