Thursday, February 3, 2011

My Revolving Family Room...

My Family Room...notice I say it is "Revolving" rather than "Evolving".
Basically, I have Decorator's A.D.D.! Ha!

I love the shabby, white look...however, I also have a yearning for bright color too! So, throughout the year/seasons, I change out my decor. I have 3 sets of drapes for the windows, a few different rugs, a variety of pillows and lamps/lampshades, and several different pieces of wall decor (art, mirrors, etc.). I just mix and match and change things up! My attic is half full of home decor and accessories.

My couches are from IKEA and they are the greatest things ever! I have 3 different sets of slip covers for them and I love to change them out throughout the year to create different looks. I bought these khacki colored ones back in August oso that I culd use warm tones for the Fall and Winter.  

I had found this fabric on clearance last Summer and I planned to do something with it, just wasn't sure what?

Then after Christmas TJ Maxx put out all of their new Spring decor and rugs. And I LOVED this rug and all the colors in it. So...I bought it! However... I had no idea where I was going to put it.

I then decided I wanted to brighten up the Family Room and use it there.

So I found this red damask fabric and thought that pairing it with the blue fabric would look a little the rug. So there ya go! I cut and hung the drapes to see what they look like....I still need to sew and hem them. LOL! I took the mirror over my mantle down and replaced it with this vibrant painting at found at HomeGoods, and just changed accessories around.

So, you can go from this......

To this....with just a few slipcover, rug, fabric, and re-arrange your accessories.

The room is NOT finished and it is a bit untidy....thanks to dogs and boys laying all over it.

Yes....dogs and teenage boys have taken over.

The rug was really my inspiration.

I bought this chair last year at HomeGoods....I love it. I paired it with
a leather ottoman from TJ Maxx and added these ruffled pillows that
I had found at Ross.

 Today is another SNOW/ICE day for us....this is 3 days in a row! Unheard of in TEXAS!
As much as I would love to take this time to finish my Family is full of kids and dogs. No point. Maybe this weekend..... (sigh). Off to do more laundry.

Stay WARM my friends....



  1. What a great rug! I am waiting on a new rug for my living room- this snow in Michigan has hampered mail delivery times! Ugh!

  2. Amy- I love your home... gorgeous!!!