Tuesday, July 31, 2012

To blog or not to blog.....

Hi Y'all!!
It's me.....

Amy Rose....wife of a firefighter and master chef, mom of 2 amazing kids, master (spoiler) of 2 doggies, junkin' addict, home decorating lovin', craftin', Starbucks addicted, TEXAS girl!

I have been absent from blogging for a while now!! Being a mom, working full time, volunteering, trying to focus on being a better wife to my hubbie, keeping a house, attending all of my kids many activities and just life took precedence!

So....gradually and also suddenly I quit "blogging"! But....I do follow a TON of blogs and it has kept me inspired and given me many smiles! Whether it's a design blog or just a personal family blog, it's kept me feeling connected! I have really tried to start back blogging again, but have failed! I started this blog to record my family memories and such! And I REALLY want to keep that going....through the good times, hard times, funny times, and all of my many crafting and decorating ventures! My kids are 2 years older now....one at college!

I have so much more "ME" time on my hands....and golly geesh.....I'm gonna start blogging again! Can I get an AMEN? (are there any followers still here??)
More to come!!