Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Front door help!!

I am in dire need of reprinting my front door! It is peeling and bubbling up! My fault....I should have primed it before I painted it 6 years ago! front door and shutters were sage green when we bought the house and I immediately painted them black! I love the traditional black....however now that I HAVE to repaint the door, I am thinking if a bright, fun color! I want to keep the shutters brick and keep in mind the color and tones of my brick. 

I am really loving a bright YELLOW door!

I also love this bright sea blue door

This turquoise color is fun!

This grey, blue color is pretty too!

You can see how the before and after of this house (similar to mine)! The new front door color POPS! Love it!

All of the different tones of blue....

What to do....what to do? What do y'all think?? HELP!!!


  1. Of all the choices, my bet would be the grey-blue ones. It's not that loud, vibrant, overpowering, and I think it will best suit your brick exterior. Have you considered painting your door red instead of blue though?

  2. Don’t worry Amy Rose, there’s still a lot more time for you to reprint your front door. I think it would really be lovely if you will choose the turquoise colour to match with your bricked house. It will surely stand out and it appears refreshing giving impressions that the house seemed to be cool and homey. In the end, it is still your choice and of course your family.

  3. Hello, Amy Rose! Well, I just wanted to say that you should go on your plan of painting your front door a bright color. That will surely make your front door eye-catching. Likewise, it will improve the look of the entire house exterior. Why not go for orange or lime green? :) Good luck!

    Roselia Mangione @ All County Exteriors

  4. If you're looking for a bright color for your front door, then go for the yellow one. Blue looks appealing, but yellow is dashing! It will certainly fit well with your brick exterior.

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