Sunday, June 9, 2013

So....I lied! much for saying I was going to be a better blogger in 2013! Ha....I was seriously kidding. Well, not really! I honestly never get on my computer at home ever! I pretty much use my iPhone or iPad for everything! I found an app....that will hopefully help me blog daily via my iPhone. (Fingers crossed). is a quick catch up in photos of our year! January to Now!

** Warning **
Photo Overload

Maddie turned 16!

Birthday lunch at the Neiman Marcus Fashion Cafe in Dallas

The first day of Competitive Cheer Conpetition Season

Maddie's Level 5 Sr. Comnpetitive Cheer Squad

Reid and Hunter came to watch Maddie at the DCC Cheer Conpeition at Cowboys Stadium

Maddie's High School heer Squad- National Champions

Maddie flying for her high school cheer squad

Maddie flying high

Reid and his BFF's and teammates getting their college letterman jackets
My neice Hannah won the Grand Championship showing lamb at her county show (my nephew Eli is with her)

Maddie's JV Cheer Squad photo shoot at the Fort Worth Stockyards
maddie and her friend Taylor posing on the Longhorn at the Fort Worth Stockyards. Silly girls!

Maddie and her friends at Easter Church Service

Maddie won the District Championship in Pole Vault

Brant ad I went to Hawaii for our 20th Anniversary
Ran the FW Zoo Run 5K

Maddie placed 2nd at the Area Meet and went onto Regionals in Pole Vault

JV Cheer Photo Shoot in the Fort Worth Stockyards

My pretty girl.....Sophomore Year

Maddie and her friend Taylor posing on the Longhorn outside to Fort Worth Stcokyards Rodeo

Madde and her friend Hannah at the Taylor Swift concert

Maddie, my niece Hannah, me, my sister and mom at the Taylor Swift concert
3 days later my sister began her fight against BREAST CANCER.

Ashley and I at the HERO CIRCLE at the high school. She chose me as her "HERO".
She was in a fatal car accident killing her friend and lived to be an inspiration to our school and althought she claims I inspired her....she inspired me!

My debut in the school production of "Faith County". I played a "Steel Magnolia" type of character. I just had to pretty much play myself. Ha!

Maddie made Varsity Cheerleader....Spring photo shoot!

Reid and Brant with Devon at graduation! We wee so blessed to be able to be a part of his life! He is my second son!

Celebrating the last day of school.....summer concert in Old Towne watching Le Freak!

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